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Left to right: Torch, Ripper, Zartan, Monkeywrench, Zarana, Zandar

The Dreadnoks are a biker gang who act as villains, often in opposed by G.I. Joe.

All Dreadnoks are uncouth and violent, and usually engage their enemies with unconventional and creative (many times crude) weaponry. Most, if not all, have shown a particular taste for chocolate covered donuts and grape soda. The Dreadnoks also make a habit of torturing captured enemies, usually in bizarre ways such as exposure to pain inducing laughing gas or tossing victims into pools of man eating piranhas. Their headquarters is a compound hidden somewhere in the Florida Everglades.

The Zartan family

  • Zartan: Master of Disguise and leader of the Dreadnoks.
  • Zarana: Zartan's sister, currently head of the Chicago chapter of the Dreadnoks. A disguise artist in her own right, she becomes her character by thinking like them. She was expected to take over the Dreadnoks, but was replaced by Zanya.
  • Zandar: Zartan's brother, he is highly skilled at not being seen and stealth. He fought against his brother in the Second Cobra Civil War as a member of Dr. Mindbender's Coil.
  • Zanya: Zartan's daughter and current heir apparent to Zartan.

The Dreadnoks

  • Burn-Out: Dreadnok mechanic, Burn-Out is also skilled in disguise.
  • Buzzer: One of the first three Dreadnoks. Arrogant and intelligent, he is usually the leader by default when none of Zartan's family is around. He uses a chainsaw as a weapon and is identifiable by his blonde pony tail. Originally a British college professor who intended to study biker gangs, only to wind up becoming a member. Has a hatred for animals and is generally the archnemesis of Mutt and Junkyard.
  • Copperhead: An agent for Cobra and pilot of several of the watercrafts. It is rumored that Copperhead is sometimes employed by both Cobra and Zartan.
  • Crusher: An ex-wrestler turned animal poacher. Upon meeting the Dreadnoks, was able to easily outgrapple all of them but Road Pig.
  • Demolishor: A Canadian aboriginal native with limited fighting skills but an almost superhuman threshold of pain.
  • The Dreadheads (Billy-Bob, Cletus, Joe-Bob, Otis, Roscoe and Vance): Six identical cousins (two sets of three brothers) from a wealthy arms-manufacturing family who have a grudge against G.I. Joe member Beachhead. Led by Otis, they tend to clash with the Dreadnoks and are essentially only interested in using the Dreadnoks resources to get to Beachhead. The exception is the self-destructive Vance, the only Dreadhead the Dreadnoks have actually taken a liking too.
  • Gnawgahyde: The Dreadnok poacher. He is known for bathing in animal fat and trying to think like his prey. He wields a long-range hunting rifle.
  • Heartwrencher: A female Dreadnok who carries a large wrench.
  • Machete: He carries a shotgun and drives the Dreadnok Cycle, usually with a gunner.
  • Monkeywrench: A Dreadnok who loves explosions, going so far as to include fireworks and roman candles into his bombs for effect. He uses grenades and bombs, as well as a harpoon gun. He is shown to be highly arachnophobic.
  • Ripper: A founding member of the Dreadnoks, he is known for carrying an assault rifle with a large blade serving as a bayonet, Ripper is angry, violent and anti-social. He is secretly independently wealthy and a shrewd businessman.
  • Road Pig: Suffering from a split personality, Donald DeLuca is as himself a well spoken and intelligent person. As Road Pig, he is violent and very dangerous. Very strong (although he is stronger as Road Pig), he is an enforcer with an attraction to Zarana. His weapon of choice is a cinder block attached to a metal pipe, which he uses as an improvised hammer. He is identifiable by his massive size and white hair styled in a crew cut.
  • Rugrat: A diminutive Dreadnok who wears a large hat and sunglasses.
  • Thrasher: A spoiled brat whose parents never disciplined him, he joined the Dreadnoks. He built and drives the Thunder Machine. A little unpredictable and hard to control, but he can always be trusted in a fight. He is identifiable by a green steak in his hair. In the comics, he declares he enjoys strangling animals.
  • Torch: A former Merchant Marine, Torch is one of the founders of the Dreadnoks. He is an expert in oxy-acetylene cutting torches and uses a modified one as a weapon.
  • Zanzibar: The Dreadnok pirate, he is low even by Dreadnok standards. He is a smuggler, thief, pickpocket and boat pilot. He pilots the Dreadnok Air Skiff and uses a spear, gun, and hammer as weapons. Even the other Dreadnoks dislike him.


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