Transformers Universe MUX

The Dominicons are a product of Outpost 113, a posting at the ‘aft end of the Empire’ where the Decepticons sent troops and officers who’d screwed up but were still considered useful to have around. Outpost 113 had a prison complex attached that initially was a place for dissidents and other political prisoners.

However, when Illarion was assigned to command Outpost 113 after a run-in with Starscream, she discovered talent buried under the boredom and neglect. She cultivated that talent, and as the skills of her picked team increased, so did the reputation of the outpost and the calibre of prisoners they kept in line. By the time Megatron and the crew of the Nemesis reappeared on Earth, the Dominicons were a top notch security team watching over some of the most dangerous criminals of the Empire, a far cry from their earlier beginnings. Their proven competence and comradeship made them a natural choice when the Decepticons looked for candidates for a new gestalt team.

The Dominicons were posted to Earth pending their conversion, but it wasn’t accomplished for several years. Illarion briefly led the Empire during one of Megatron’s absences and challenged him more than once for leadership. After one duel that was interrupted by Starscream, the team left the Decepticons and vanished for a short time, only to reappear later defending neutral traders from Decepticon raids. During the Decepticon siege of Valvolux, the Dominicons bolstered Autobot efforts to defend and then free the city, taking the opportunity to strike a deal with Bulwark (the city’s legendary Founder) to claim it afterwards. They brought energon and supplies to the city to help it rebuild quickly, and Illarion fended off a challenge from Centuritron for leadership, cementing their position.

They have claimed a neutral stance, allowing the other factions to visit and trade in their city but not formally allying themselves with either Autobots or Decepticons. Since Solus Prime’s return to Valvolux, the entire team has been given a new look but they are close-mouthed about what it means.


Older than a number of Decepticons, Illarion has served in the cause since the beginning, first as a simple grunt, but quickly working her way up to command a team of Seekers. Unfortunately, an incident happened that caused her to get assigned to the most backwater outpost possible, Outpost 113. Surprising her superiors, she turned the rather easygoing (for Decepticons) outpost of misfits into a well-trained and deadly team.


  • Illarion (leader) - Heavy Assault Fighter
  • Stiletto (XO) - FIELD COMMANDER - tank
  • Delusion - INTERROGATOR - Seeker
  • Discretion - COMMUNICATIONS - Seeker
  • Widget - MEDIC - helicopter
  • Secura - SUPER WARRIOR - combined form of the team

MUX History

In 2014 all the Dominicons began the process of being upgraded to a combiner team. The team first merged in 2015 in a battle between Knightmare and Megatron, but was quickly dispatched by Megatron's anti-matter cannon. The team later sprung Knightmare from where she was recovering from her duel with Megatron, and took off on their own to plot revenge.

In 2018, Gusher and Pipeline were bringing emergency fuel to the Neutral Territories when they were attacked by Skyquake. Before they could be injured, however, they were saved by the prompt appearance of the Dominicons, who dealt harshly with Skyquake, to say the least, before sending Gusher and Pipeline on their way.



Autobot World

With the death of Megatron, Illarion is on her own, leading her Dominicons as an independent group of Decepticons.

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