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Eject! Operation: Illustration.

Decepticon micro-cassette tapes under the command of Soundwave. Some were Transformers before they joined Soundwave's team... some were built by Soundwave himself.


The Transformers cartoon

The Mini-Cassettes act as a sort of special-missions force, under the command of their host Soundwave. Soundwave can store numerous cassettes within his chest, at times ejecting as many as four at once. The Transformers: The Movie Call of the Primitives

Laserbeak was frequently sent to spy on the Autobots at Autobot Headquarters, once using his cassette form to sneak in. Divide and Conquer Ravage likewise used his cassette mode to infiltrate Teletraan I and steal information about Earth's resources. More than Meets the Eye, Part 2 Rumble was used more often to destroy stuff, though all three frequently engaged in battle.

The less-seen Buzzsaw and Frenzy also appeared on occasion, usually acting in conjunction with Laserbeak and Rumble, respectively. Countdown to Extinction Atlantis, Arise! The Immobilizer

Years later, Ratbat joined the cassette forces; like Laserbeak, he specialized in spy work and reconnaissance, particularly in tight quarters inaccessible to Laserbeak. Secret Files of Teletraan II

MUX Canon Prehistory

In 1987, Soundwave built Overkill and Slugfest on Earth. A year later he built Beastbox and Squawktalk as the first Decepticon tape-bot combiner.



Autobot World

On the MUX, additional tapes were built on Cybertron by Soundwave in 1987.

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Buzzsaw

In the Shattered Glass universe, the tape-bots often serve more than just Sir Soundwave - many have partnered up with other robots to serve as advisors or weapons.

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