Transformers Universe MUX

Current Bases

Cobra Unity – Western Asia

Cobra Unity, officially known as the People's Republic of Cobra Unity, formerly known as Al-Alawi, is a small oil-rich country located between Iran and Iraq, sharing a border with both, as well bordering the Persian Gulf to the south. Cobra invaded and took over the country in 2011, and so far US-backed rebel forces have been unable to overturn their leadership of the area. CU has applied for membership in the United Nations, but thus far the United States has refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of their government. In the wake of the 2015 Cobra attack on the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, there is talk of the US going to war against CU.

Cobra Island – Gulf of Mexico

Cobra Island is an island country in the Caribbean. For years Cobra's primary public base of operations, it has taken a back seat since the establishment of Cobra Unity. However, Cobra has not lost sight of the strategic usefulness of its location not too far off the coast of Florida. Much of Cobra Island's state of neglect and disrepair is a ruse -- while the surface of the island has been left desolate since the Flood of 2011, the underground barracks and labs have been fully restored, and many of Cobra's American operations are launched from Cobra Island.

Luck, California

For a town called Luck, the residents here sure don't seem to have any. Built during a gambling boom, the populace bet a little too hard on that particular industry. When it dried up and left, so did most of the local businesses. Malls and shopping centers stand empty. Houses are abandoned and left to rot and collapse. Little traffic disturbs the litter-strewn streets, and the entire city seems well on its way to becoming a ghost town.


In 2015, Cobra started buying up businesses and homes in Luck to establish a new base on the West Coast.

In 2018, Cobra was nearly forced to abandon their base in California after G.I. Joe got wind of it. However, after eliminating the agent responsible, Cobra was able to cover up their connection, and with the destruction of Broca Beach in 2022, Luck may become the new primary Cobra base within the United States.

Silent Castle, Transcarpathia

The Silent Castle is Cobra's stronghold and the Baroness's getaway in Trans-Carpathia. It is also the current location of the MASS device.

Solar Serpent, Earth Orbit

The Solar Serpent became Cobra's new orbital headquarters in 2020. Armed with Quintesson and Cybertronian technology and with shuttle systems of the same tech, Cobra plans to come and go to space as they please.

Former Cobra Bases

Broca Beach, New Jersey

Broca Beach was Cobra's secret base on the east coast of the United States. It was a small town that had been completely overtaken by Cobra – every man, woman, and child in the city was related to Cobra in some way, as a direct agent, a member of Cobra Youth, or at least a member of a Cobra-supportive household. The town appeared completely normal on the surface but hid a fully functional Cobra base below. G.I. Joe discovered its existence in 2022 and destroyed it utterly with the Coltonbolt.

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