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Bases used by the Autobots, both mobile and permanent.


While no longer used as Autobot Headquarters, the Ark is still an important Autobot asset, and has been returned to full flight status, although it is used less often than smaller shuttles and the Space Bridge due to the Ark’s significant fuel consumption. While most of the Earth-based Autobots operate out of Autobot City, a small crew of Autobots remain on the Ark in combat readiness. When not in use, the Ark is parked on a special platform on the slope of Mt. St. Hilary.

Autobot City – Earth

Autobot City on Earth is the center of operations for the Autobots, and the primary base following damage done to the Ark. Large enough to house possibly hundreds of Transformers it has laboratories, communications decks, command centers, and meeting rooms. It also has the ability to transform into a heavily armored fortress capable of holding off a sustained full-force Decepticon attack for over 24 hours. A smaller sub-section of the city can transform into the giant Autobot warrior, Metroplex.

Iacon – Cybertron

Iacon is an Autobot-controlled city-state, located near the north pole of Cybertron. It is also the location of the capital city of the same name. It is by far the largest and most well-defended Autobot settlement on Cybertron. It is home to the military command on Cybertron, as well as the center of Autobot culture. Even Autobots originally from other parts of Cybertron tend to call Iacon home. Most Autobot residents dwell in the Great Dome, although there are other locations in Iacon, including Nova Point.


The Autobots have bases on four of Cybertron’s moons, for research, reconnaissance, and orbital strike purposes. They are little used but have potential.

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