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The Arashikage Clan is ninja clan based in Japan, although it has members all over the world. Its most famous members are Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes. The clan and its members have played a major part in the ongoing battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra.

The core of the Clan


The clan has many members, on the sides of both GI Joe and Cobra, and some are neutral in the conflict. A partial list follows.

  • Firefly - aka Faceless Master
  • Nunchuk - who studied under the Blind Master and Storm Shadow
  • Snake-Eyes - AKA The Silent Master
  • Storm Shadow - AKA The Young Master
  • Jinx - The only member of the Clan to Train under ALL of the Masters, except the Faceless Master.
  • T'Jbang
  • Slice
  • Kamakura - who studied under Snake-Eyes
  • Tiger Claw
  • William - Son of Cobra Commander, First trained by the Young Master, than the Blind Master
  • Hard Master - Killed by an Arrow fired by Zartan, who thought he was Snake-Eyes
  • Soft Master - Killed by a missile fired by Scrap-Iron
  • Blind Master - Killed by Zartan.
  • Middle Master - Died in Russia of natural causes
  • Mikhail Gorky - Betrayed the Arashikage and slaughtered its Russian members
  • Scarlett - While not a member of the Clan, she knows many of the ways of the Clan, due to constant training with many members of the Clan, and her close relationship with the Silent Master.

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