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Castle Decepticon is a building on Cybertron.
This article is about the Deception castle in Helex - for Megatron's castle in Kaon, see Megatron's castle.

As of 01/28/2019 (User:Bzero), Castle Decepticon is
under Decepticon control.
Autobots within the territory are seen as hostiles, Decepticons within the territory are in command, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are enslaved.
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Long ago in the faraway land of Megatronia 0...

Castle Decepticon is one of the Decepticon strongholds on Cybertron. Megatron sometimes operates from it.


Pre-MUX continuity

Megatron and some of his troops were stationed at Castle Decepticon when Ravage reported on the Autobots' mission to clear a path for Cybertron through an asteroid belt. The Transformers

MUX Continuity

In 2015 the Autobots attacked Castle Decepticon in Helex.


  • Given that the castle is described as Megatron's home, it might retroactively be located in the Decepticon capital Helex.
  • Castle Decepticon was featured in the game "Hexagonal Attack on Castle Decepticon!" in the Transformers Annual 1986. The story "Hunted!" from the same annual noted that Megatron had built a replica of his fortress on Cybertron somewhere in South America.
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