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This is for the G.I. Joe officer. For The Transformer, see Countdown.

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Personal information
Real Name

David D. Dubosky


Plainfield, New Jersey





Military information
Service branch

United States Air Force

Primary MOS

Astronaut/Fixed Wing Pilot

Secondary MOS

Electronics Engineer; Zero-G combat


6 - O-3 - Captain



Organizational information

G.I. Joe

The only stars I want Cobra to see is from an uppercut to the face!

Satellites are used by every major power for visual surveillance, electronic and infrared intelligence gathering, and as weapons platforms. Even Cobra has a shuttle and its own spy satellites. The battlefield of tomorrow will surely extend into the upper atmosphere and the G.I. Joe team is ready with its own specialist. Countdown is a qualified F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot, a NASA Astronaut, an electronics engineer, and a ranking chess master.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Countdown is a NASA astronaut and electronics engineer, as well as a ranking chess master. Countdown occasionally served with the G.I. Joe team onboard the space shuttle Defiant. He took part in the mission that launched a Joe vehicle into orbit, then dropped it into Trucial Abysmia on a rescue mission to save the group of Joes who survived an attack by Cobra in which a SAW-Viper killed several others.

MUX History:

Countdown has been a reserve member of the team since 1997.

In 2021, Countdown was assigned to the crew of the Crusader on its trip to Nebulos, as mission commander. While in orbit over Nebulos, the crew of the Crusader fought off an invasion by the Star Seeker pirate crew, capturing their leader, Olin Zarak. Countdown was seriously injured in the altercation.

OOC Notes

Logs /Posts



  • Oct 20 - "In Orbit" - The Crusader answers a distress call in orbit over Nebulos.



Countdown is available for application. In the meantime he is temped by Bzero.



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