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Canon is the body of fiction that we consider to have actually happened on the Transformers Universe MUX. Overall, on the MUX we consider the 80s Transformers cartoon and the 80s Marvel G.I. Joe comic series to be canon. We occasionally bring in elements from other sources (for example, the Transformers comic and the G.I. Joe cartoon), but if there's any conflict, the primary canon is the definitive source.

Not canon. *Masters make Carrie cry.

Character Histories

When determining your Feature Character's IC history, non-cartoon elements from the Transformers history and non-Marvel stuff for the Joes is *optional*. If you like something from the G.I. Joe cartoon, Devil's Due or IDW comics, or from the Marvel Transformers comics, and you can work it into his or her history without violating official cartoon/Marvel or MUX-established canon, go ahead. If there is something you don't like in non-canonical fiction (ie, your character's death in non-canon material), you can ignore it, since only the TF cartoon and G.I. Joe Marvel comics history *definitely* happened.

If you have any specific questions about what is allowed or not allowed, feel free to talk to ThemeStaff, especially Bzero and Carrie.

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