Personal information
Real Name

John Warden


Sioux Falls, South Dakota





Military information
Service branch

United States Army

Primary MOS

Armor Driver

Secondary MOS

Rotary Wing Pilot


0 - E-4 - Specialist


All Armored Vehicles, or Helicopters

Organizational information

G.I. Joe


GI Joe Drivers

"You want the slow lane? Don't look at me. I only know one way to drive: eating up the road with a full throttle and screaming engine."

Rumor has it that CANNONBALL got his nickname because he once did a stint as a human cannonball. The wild-and-crazy driver won't confirm or deny the rumor. He used to test-drive trucks before enlisting in the military, littering roads with the remains of vehicles he rammed, crashed, and blew the cylinders out of, to test their stamina and stability. The machines were towed away in pieces, but Cannonball always walked away without a scratch, ready for more. He knows exactly how much a vehicle can take and drives it to within a lug nut of its life. He pilots a helicopter with the same fearless enthusiasm he demonstrates on the ground, making for a white-knuckle ride on land or in the air.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Cannonball was rumored to have gotten his nickname from performing as a "human cannonball." After his work test driving trucks, he enlisted in the Army and became an expert vehicle driver. He was assigned to the G.I. Joe team to drive armored vehicles, and fly helicopters.

MUX History:

Today, like many Joes, he is a reserve member of the team, currently assigned to the Pit's motorpool.

OOC Notes

In spite of the name, this Cannonball is not a member of the New Mutants. However, there IS a chance he's taken part in illegal cross-country races. The wild-and-crazy driver won't confirm or deny that rumor, either.



Cannonball is available for Application.


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