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Caminus is a Titan and eponymous planet.

The one in the back, with the huge sad eyebrows.

Caminus was one of the Titans said to have been created by the Knights of Cybertron millions of years ago to act as a living ship. He eventually settled on an uninhabited moon of a gas giant, which in turn orbited a dwarf star. Since many of his systems were spread out and integrated into this new civilization, the inhabitants of the civilization he founded named their planet in his honor.

Cut off from Cybertron and stranded on their resource-poor world, the Camiens developed a culture of conservation and careful energy husbandry. Camien warriors rely on swords instead of using consumption-heavy ranged weaponry. Caminus would also give rise to the Cityspeakers, a tradition of communicating with dormant Titans.

Caminus also hosts a flourishing artistic and spiritual community, in spite of its straitened infrastructure. Chief among them is the Way of Flame, a religion that deifies Primus and the Thirteen, extoling Solus Prime as the spiritual progenitor of Caminus and the greatest of the Thirteen. This religion is headed by the Mistress of Flame, the spiritual leader of the planet. Most Camiens are fanatically devoted to the lineage of the Primes, viewing even modern Primes as gods to be worshipped and followed without question. But in the absence of any actual Prime to issue commands, the Forgefire Parliament oversees the colony. Even so, the Parliament is quick to default to the commands of the Mistress of Flame or a Prime should the opportunity arise.

The term for things relating to Caminus is Camien. Its capitol is Fladma.

On my colony, on Caminus, we were so cold, so alone. The Primes so distant. To learn one is real – alive...

Midnight Express, To Walk Among the Chosen


TFUMUX continuity

The Titan Caminus, seen here shortly after leaving Cybertron.

Millions of years ago, Caminus was the Titan of Solus Prime The Sum and Its Parts and the closest friend of the First Titan, Metroplex. A 'Bot and Her City During the First Cybertronian Civil War, he helped bring down the rogue titan Vigilem alongside Metroplex and Chela, and later banished Vigilem and his master Liege Maximo from Cybertron. Rubicon

Shortly afterwards, Caminus left Cybertron to travel to the stars and colonize a new world—like all other Colony Titans, Caminus contained a hot spot filled with unborn sparks. A 'Bot and Her City Before leaving his homeworld forever, Caminus bid his old friend Metroplex farewell. Windblade vol. 1 #4

In 2017, through a Space Bridge malfunction, Caminus-native Windblade wound up on Earth.


  • Caminus's name is Latin for forge — an appropriate name, as he is the source of most female Transformers in the IDW continuity.
  • Caminus appears to be the moon of a gas giant. On the MUX this planet is called Hephaestus. It revolves around a star called Solus.

Caminus in orbit around Hephaestus

  • On the MUX Caminus is located in the Outer Central Region - Beta Quadrant - Lower Plane - Milky Way.
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