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Caliburn is the barkeep at the Golden Stopcock in Valvolux. A former boxer, he keeps his political opinions to himself, and serves engex to anyone who brings him shanix. The Taciturn Caliburn's past is a mystery, although his scarred knuckles tell a tale of violence.



Caliburn started life as a bareknuckle streetfighter, but even then, he knew he had the talent and proclivities for something greater. Caliburn worked his way up the chain, eventually winning the Micro-Weight Boxing Championship by beating Ironworks. Betting on himself in the arena, he eventually made enough money to leave Valvolux for Altihex. There, he worked as a bouncer at the casino.

Learning the ropes of an entertainment business while also taking classes at one of the most secretive aerospace academies in Altihex, Caliburn finally struck it big - a chance to join an offworld exploration vessel and get the pit off Cybertron. After many vorns of adventures across the cosmos, during which he eventually rose to the captain of his own ship, he finally returned to Cybertron and settled down, buying the Golden Stopcock and working there as a quiet bartender.

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  • Don't mess with the barkeep!

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