Transformers Universe MUX

TP Name: Cairo TP

Primary Characters: BATs, Megatron, Over Kill, Warlord, Weaver Nine

Battle Android Trooper

Primary Factions: Cobra, GI Joe

Primary Location: Cairo, Egypt, Earth



Between 2003 and 2005, at least 8 new BAT versions came into Cobra’s service, all of which were built by Over Kill Mk2 and his new cohort, a Cobra scientist named Brainstorm. These included MBATs, medically and technically trained BATs, Inferno BATs that specialized in fire related attacks and Blizzard BATs that specialized in cryogenics.

With the AI’s tactical knowledge and Andersen’s ambitions, it built and designed at least a dozen BAT models - however it also questioned its creators. An Autobot by the name of Weaver Nine found the Cyborg on guard duty in Cairo (during the Cairo TP) and gave it new ideas about freedom and showed it that it was nothing more than a tool for Cobra. Over Kill befriended the Autobot. At the time, the Decepticons were trying to secure an alliance with Cobra (one that fell apart after a few months). In order to tie up one of Cobra’s loose, traitorous ends, Megatron personally destroyed Cobra’s Autobot befriending cyborg. Weaver Nine made copies of the dying cyborg’s human mind and AI and merged them with the growing core of a new Autobot, named Warlord.


Snake-Eyes killed Rusalka in this TP, and this was all in the aftermath of the T-Virus TP.