Caged Rose

Log Title: Caged Rose

Characters: Brigadier Rook, Doctor Greer, General Hawk, Scarlett, Villetta Rose

Location: Interrogation Room/Brig - Pit III

Date: August 30, 2020

TP: Attack of the Killer Potatoes TP

Summary: Villetta Rose isn't human. What, then, is she?

As logged by  Villetta Rose

Log session starting at 17:27:14 on Sunday, 30 August 2020.

Interrogation Rooms - Command Level - Pit III

The interrogation rooms are located on the command level, behind a security desk manned at all times. There are six interrogations rooms, each fitted with both a recorder and anti-eavesdropping technology, depending on what kind of interrogation is to be performed. The rooms are used not only to interrogate prisoners, but also to debrief Joe personnel after missions, especially the mission included top-secret information.

On the long flight back from England, GI Joe had plenty of time to look into Villetta Rose. Unfortunately, they came up with nothing. No police record. No social security number. No passport. Not even a local driver's license. Nobody at Aldi's had heard of her, and Iowa State's enrollment records likewise came up empty. Even facial recognition software failed to get a match that stood up to actual people comparing pictures.

When it seemed like Villetta was not simply going to be let go in Iowa to be on her way, she objected. She tried to run. She even took out her little bottle of Tabasco Sauce and threatened to drink it. She struggled all the way to the holding room, stronger than she looks but obviously with little or no training on how to fight. A few Joes may have some bruises tomorrow but nobody was seriously injured. And now? Now she slumps in a chair, looking woeful. And surprisingly unhurt.

Specialist Rook.jpg
Brigadier Rook

A member of G.I. Joe's Steel Brigade steps into the room. He's wearing his chest armor but not his helmet, and the rest of his uniform is clean and neat. Under one arm is a military-issue tablet. He makes his way over to a table and sits across from Villetta, placing the tablet to the right of him. "Ms. Rose," he says by way of introduction. "My name is Andy. It's nice to meet you." He looks around with an apologetic smile. "I apologize for the accommodations."

Villetta Rose gives him a wan little wave. "Hey," she says without much enthusiasm. "I guess it's just my luck I get stuck with the spy flick."

Andy glances at his tablet, although he doesn't wake the screen. "Sounds like you were rescued from a B-grade monster movie, so it's gotta be better than that, right?" he smiles. He studies her for a moment and then says, "You said your name is Villetta Rose, right? It's a pretty name. Does it have any particular significance?" Andy's specialty is body language, and he's keeping his own pleasantly neutral.

Villetta Rose uhs. "No?" she guesses, in what is pretty clearly a lie from how she's fidgeting. "Just an ordinary girl, here."

Brigadier Rook sits at a table on the other side of the Pit's most recent guest.

Villetta Rose looks unscathed but distinctly uncomfortable with being in this room. She practically droops in her chair.

Andy nods mildly. "I can see that," he lies easily.

The door opens, and Hawk steps in, closing the door behind him and taking up a position out of the way, but still observing. He says nothing... yet, but his expression is one of deep suspicion.

Villetta Rose brightens up. "Yeah? Does that mean I can go?"

Andy grins apologetically. "Not quite yet," he replies, and that, at least, is true. When the door opens, he rises smoothly to his feet, but doesn't identify Hawk by name or rank. "Sir," is his complete address, followed with, "We have an unusual visitor with us today. Her name is Villetta Rose. I'd have to have Doc have a look, but I think she may be the kind of girl we've had visit us before," he says with a smile.

General Hawk nods. "I share the same thought." he says cooly. "Perhaps a good look by Doc would clear up the matter."

Villetta Rose tilts her head. "Doc? Is this, like, the kind of Doc that builds time machines, or the kind that ties up broken limbs?"

Andy turns back to Villetta. "She's a medical doctor. We just want to make sure you didn't get too banged up coming in here, and then if everything looks OK, then maybe getting you a ride home," he says calmly. "We don't have many visitors here that've been kidnapped by aliens, but surprisingly, you're not the first!" he laughs. "We just want to make sure you haven't suffered any permanent harm. It should be fine."

GAME: General Hawk FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

General Hawk nods slowly. "Yes. Just to be safe." he says.

Villetta Rose ohs. "Oh, well. Alright, I guess. I don't -feel- hurt, but if that's what it takes, I can do that." She slumps back in the chair again, propping her chin on one hand and blowing the fringe of her bangs out of her face.

Andy grins at Villetta. "Great! Let's bring you down to medical and have Doc check you out. We  just have to make sure you're 100%," he grins. He motions the Greenshirt guards to open the door, and then starts walking Villetta down to medical... flanked by an AWFUL lot of Greenshirts for just one small woman. "So, I hear you're from Iowa!" Andy says cheerfully. "I used to date a girl from Iowa. Sweetest girl I ever met," he says conversationally.

Villetta Rose wells. "I just go to school in Iowa," she explains. And honestly, with her New York accent, it'd be weird if she was -from- a totally different state. "I don't know what kinda degree I'd want, though. I'm more of the MRS type, you know?"

"Oh, I see!" Andy laughs as they walk. "That explains the accent. I'm from Wisconsin, myself. What part of New York you from?" he asks. "The city, or more upstate?" He leads Villetta down to Medical, where a black woman with impressive hair waits, dressed in a white lab coat. "Hi, there, honey!" the doctor greets Villetta. "I'm Doctor Greer. I understand you've had quite an adventure!" Doc looks at Andy, and Andy waits outside with the Greenshirts for now.

Villetta Rose shrugs. "Oh, the city, naturally." She waves a bit nervously to Doctor Greer. "Er, yeah. So you're this Doc they mentioned?"

"Yes, dear, but you don't have to worry - I'm told I have very good bedside manner," Doc smiles. She takes Villetta into a small patient area and pats the foot of an examination bed. "Why don't you hop up and let me have a look at you." Doc has an advanced custom scanner on hand, but doesn't draw attention to it yet, instead focusing on efforts to put Villetta at ease. "Doctor Moretto? Could you join us?" An older woman in uniform steps into the area, off to the side. "Just a formality when we examine new patients," Doc says with a smile, leaving off, 'Especially when we suspect they may be Dire Wraiths.'

Villetta Rose scoots onto the bed gingerly, shuffling her feet like a little kid sent to the principal's office. "So, uh, what all are you gonna do?"

Doc smiles, picking up her sensor. "Just making sure you haven't been infected by any alien contaminants," she says reassuringly. "Now, even if this turns red, don't worry - it just means there's something abnormal we need to follow up on. It doesn't mean anything dangerous." Doc glances at Moretto, then turns on the device, scanning it over Villetta. Doc braces herself, looks at the display... and her dark eyes widen as the light goes red. "Huh," she says, forgetting to smile.

Villetta Rose ers. "Alien contaminants?" she squeaks. "What, are we talkin' like kryptonite or somethin'? Am I gonna get radiation poisoning?"

GAME: Brigadier Rook PASSES a COURAGE roll of Average difficulty.

Doc forces that smile again. "Oh, no. It's not a radiation counter. You'll be fine. Do you mind if I take some vitals? Just blood pressure and the like. Nothing invasive." Sweat appears on the edge of Doc's brow and starts trickling down the side of her face.

Villetta Rose shrugs. "Might as well," she allows.

Villetta Rose does have a pulse, but it's thin and reedy, not easy to tell one beat from another.

Doc is in medical. She takes Villetta's pulse and temperature, and has her stand long enough to weigh her. When she sits again, Doc does a reflex test with her little hammer. Her backup, Doctor Moretto, stands nearby, watching. Both seem VERY nervous, although Doc is hiding it better. When she doesn't think Villetta can see it, she keeps her hand on the butt of her holstered gun.

Villetta Rose is a little cool to the touch, though within normal ranges. She does react properly to the reflex test. Through it all, she puts up with it slightly sulkily, just waiting for it to all be over. However, taking her blood pressure runs into a problem- the cuff can't get a good read. No matter how hard it presses.

Doc frowns as she fails to get any sort of blood pressure from Villetta, but just plays it off as a problem with the machine. "Oh, well," she says pleasantly, forcing a smile. "I'm sure it's fine. You seem OK to me! Would you mind if we get a little blood, just to check for alien contaminants? Something set off that sensor, and we just want to make sure you're tiptop before we send you home." She's not as good a liar as Andy.

Villetta Rose doesn't notice, because she's at least as nervous. "Um, okay? Sure." She offers up one arm, then changes her mind and switches to the other, all the while cringing in anticipation.

Arriving outside the interrogation room, and waiting over at the door Scarlett arrives. Hand over on her hip where she has a pistol at her side, and a knife hidden in a sheathe. Observing unless Doc says backup is needed and watching from the outside. Observing Violletta for now from the outside.

And then Scarlett is entering in. Here to backup Doc and the other medics. One hand is covertly on her pistol ready to take it out as needed, the other on her knife. Here to be a guard as needed.. Or to just help intimidate the woman (or whatever she is) into staying down.

Doc forces a smile as she can't find any sort of vein. "OK. Well, I have to run a few more tests. You might have to stay with us for a while longer, OK? Just 'til we know it's safe. I'm sorry for the inconvenience." She looks up with relief as Scarlett arrives. Alien threats are a bit above Doc's paygrade. She keeps her hand on her own sidearm whenever possible.

Villetta Rose 's expression crumples. "Oh. Um. I was really hopin' I could, you know, go." She wrings her hands. "I mean, you guys haven't been too bad for mysterious government agent types, but I don't exactly wanna spend the rest of my life in some lab somewhere."

Scarlett would go to walk in over behind Doc, making her presence known over, "Don't worry, we just want to make sure that you're okay and there's nothing wrong with you." She would offer soothingly over to the girl. Well, the thing that looks like a girl.

Doc smiles with genuine sympathy. "Not the rest of your life, honey. Just 'til we get to the bottom of this potato situation." She glances back up at Scarlett and smiles. "Scarlett, could you escort Villetta to her *temporary* accommodations," Doc asks, patting Villetta reassuringly on her shoulder. "We'll figure things out as quickly as possible, OK?" she smiles. She pics up her tablet and starts making some notes about her odd patient.

Villetta Rose winces slightly. "Yeah. Heh. Potatoes." She slowly gets to her feet to follow Scarlett.

Scarlett gestures at Villetta, "Don't worry, we'll make sure that you're okay and figure out what's going on." She presents a picture of being at ease while flanking the girl and leading her around. Just a bit behind her to make sure the girl can't make a break for it and psychologically so that it seems more relaxed, since she's the one in front.

Brig - The Pit

The Pit's brig is built like a vault, with dense metal walls and a thick door with complicated, multiple-layer security locks. Everything that happens in the brig can be monitored outside, giving any captives zero privacy while held by the Joes. The brig contains a cot, a sink, and a toilet, as well as several cameras behind protective cages. It's not comfortable, but it is secure. When someone is in the brig, there are always at least two guards outside at all times, and everything inside the brig is recorded constantly.

Villetta Rose is less than enthused to see her new accommodations, but any fight seems to have long since departed. In fact, she mostly just looks depressed now, trailing along and not really paying attention to much.

Taken over to the brig, Scarlett glances over at her with eyes full of sympathy. The sympathy is totally feigned, but Scarlett is a very good actress. She promises, "We'll do all we can to make sure you're okay and get you home as soon as possible." But she makes sure that Villetta is being nudged towards her cell first. "It's okay to be scared."

Villetta Rose drifts inside, eyes brimming with tears. "You don't understand!" she bursts out. "I was going for a total Hallmark movie thing- go to a small town, find some handsome guy and get in an argument, but discover that we really like each other after hilarious misunderstandings! Instead, I get stuck in a cell. No rom com for me."

Scarlett would offer soothingly, "Oh, I hate to break it to you but you're way likelier to get into a long term romance in the city. There's a lot more people there, a lot more activities, and way less competition. In a small town everyone knows you, every little transgression gets magnified.."

Villetta Rose wipes tears away. "Well, that's not happening here, either! I'm gonna get tucked in some big warehouse like an Indiana Jones movie."

Once she's inside the cell, Scarlett stands outside of it, in a relaxed posture. "Oh, believe me, those warehouses do exist but they are a pain. All of us hate them."

Villetta Rose sits on the cot and slumps up against the wall. "Figures."

Scarlett would gesture reassuringly, "It won't be long. Then you can go back and make that Hallmark moment happen. And you'll have been missing a bit so -everyone- is going to be interested in what you've been up to>"

Villetta Rose picks at the unrelenting wall. "I don't really want to. Go back, I mean. Dad's crazy."

Scarlett would smile, "Well, then we can go ahead and make sure you get setup somewhere else."

Villetta Rose pulls her feet up so she can rest her arms on her knees. "That'd be nice. If you ever let me go."

Scarlett would smile, "That's what we're going to do. Just make sure that you have somewhere to go and get yourself setup in and a new life."

Villetta Rose puts her head down to be a ball of misery more efficiently.

Log session ending at 21:39:21 on Sunday, 30 August 2020.

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