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Cobra C.L.A.W.S. are Cobra light armored weapons specialists.
Cobra C.L.A.W.S.
Personal information
Real Name






Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Primary MOS

Combat light armored weapons specialist; Heavy weapons

Secondary MOS

Rotary-wing aircraft pilot


Machine Pistol; Assault Rifle; Sub-machine gun; Heavy machine gun; Bazooka; AT4

Organizational information




Cobra CLAWS [COMBAT LIGHT ARMORED WEAPONS SPECIALIST] are elite Cobra troops who can take a lot of punishment and dish out even more. With lightweight, ionized fiber armor (developed from stolen technology), they can move quickly into position with the latest weapons to disable any G.I. Joe vehicle that stands in their way. Cobra Troopers compete against each other to get into CLAWS, but only the best and the nastiest are chosen. Trained to be sneaky and stealthy, any that are flushed out or tracked down by G.I. Joe troops receive a black mark on their records and are then "volunteered" for the most dangerous weapons.

Our weapons are the best - we can squeeze the enemy into a corner or snap them in two with crushing firepower.


Cobra Troopers that show the right combination of nastiness and affiliation for heavy weapons are trained as Cobra CLAWS.

The sky belongs to me, so get out of my way or you'll pay the price!

In 2002, several squads of CLAWS were trained to serve as pilots and gunners on Cobra's rotary-wing aircraft fleet. Others were trained to operate in extreme desert environments and given their own squad and uniforms. CLAWS Gargoyle was chosen to be the left gunner of Interrogator's personal Mamba. He's currently being trained to fly the Mamba, and may be eventually promoted to Gyro-Viper.

Notable CLAWS

Preferred Vehicles

  • Cobra FANG 3 helicopter (2002)
  • VENOM STRIKER (2004)


CLAWS are trained from Cobra Troopers, and are additionally trained in mounted weapons. SAW-Vipers start as Vipers and are more infantry-focused.

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