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The C.L.A.W. is a Cobra vehicle. For the Cobra Heavy Weapons Trooper, see CLAWS.
Machine information
Machine type

Jet-powered hang glider


Covert light aerial weapon


Aerial espionage; Covert assault

Weapon feature(s)

7.6mm machine gun; DES/28-B Flashfire bomb; HE-8 Venom missiles

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Army

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Any Qualified

Organizational information

While G.I. Joe Skyhawks patrol the sky, Cobra has built a subversive weapon to get around them: the Covert Light Aerial Weapon (C.L.A.W.)

Small and fast, it can easily evade aerial radar as it flies below radar range. And before the Joe Team is alerted to its presence, it's too late as it pulls off its mission. Flying the machine, though, is no mean feat. It may basically be a hang glider with rockets but it takes the steeliest of operators to keep up with the speed and from crashing onto a tree or a building wall.

Designated Pilots


The C.L.A.W. is armed with a 7.6mm machine guns capable of shooting at 2000rpm. It is complemented by two 10-lb. HE-8 Venom missiles. It's single most effective weapon is the 750-lb. DES/28-B Flashfire bomb which is capable of delivering a wider area of damage on enemy base. Body shields are placed at strategic locations around the vehicle to protect the pilot. Auxiliary cooling slots keep the pilot from being burned by the rocket engine. The rocket engine itself is capable of near-instantaneous take-off for a quick launch or getaway.

The drawback to the C.L.A.W. is that, despite provisions for pilot safety, the lack of sufficient armor continues to be of greatest concern. A puncture in the right spot on the rocket boosters can easily burst it into flames. Grievances aside, pilot safety was never high on the list of priorities in designing this machine.


Cobra Commander on a Claw

Comics continuity

Being small and incredibly fast, the CLAW enabled Storm Shadow to abduct Scarlett right from under the noses of the G.I. Joe Team. Scarlett, resourceful as she ever is, managed to get out of the dungeon and commandeer a CLAW. With it, she escapes with Snake-Eyes.[1] Storm Shadow used another CLAW to help Cobra Commander escape from custody of the Joe Team. In the process, one of its engines was shot and leaking precious fuel. It only enabled the Commander just enough to be picked up by his men.[2]

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