This article is about the heroic Shattered Glass Decepticon - for the evil positive-polarity Decepticon spy, see Buzzsaw.

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Given his reputation for rude brusqueness, it might seem surprising that BUZZSAW is also one of the kindest and most constructive of all Decepticons. His two sides are somewhat contradictory, however, and truly his bark is worse than his bite. He carries out his life-saving tasks with the carefree, improvisational approach of a crazed musician, overlayed with the vague paternalism of a slightly-addled father figure. He views every pleasant undertaking of his as the beginning of a new masterpiece. Every opponent he defeats marks a new foundation for peace. However, like many artists, he is notoriously easy to distract from his craft. He will never be able to truly focus on his art until the Autobots' reign is no more, but in the meantime, there’s just so much to do and see!

Using his optical sensors, Buzzsaw can pinpoint and photographically record a thumbtack at 20 miles, making him invaluable on spy missions. He can fly virtually soundlessly at speeds up to 250 mph for a distance of 1500 miles. He's equipped with twin mortar cannons that can fire five rounds per minute. His most feared weapon, though, is his beak, which, with its diamond-hard, micro-serrated edges, can carve up all but the most strong-skinned opponents. However, Buzzsaw is no fighter, and he’s rather clumsy when forced to use his beak in combat. He’d far prefer to rock out in guitar mode, preferably with his boss Soundwave thrashing out the tunes.

Buzzsaw has an awful ego, but he’s committed to the Decepticon cause. If one of his carelessly planned operations should go awry, ruining what he considers a work of art in progress, he will often stop and sulk at first, before finding a way to improvise and proceed.

Buzzsaw possesses a speech quirk that makes his voice sound like digital buzzing to most Transformers, which frustrates him to no end. Soundwave and the other Recordicons, however, can understand him just fine. This can be a downside when his overly direct manner can poke holes in the joy of other, less serious Decepticon tapes, like Ravage.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Buzzsaw was an artist and musician before the war, expressing himself through art and music.

MUX History:

Currently working on Cybertron alongside his boss Soundwave.

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available for temping if someone wants him. Savage Ravage has dibs.


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