Business With Tea

Log Title: Business With Tea

Characters: Goth, Khamsin, Ghost

Location: Altihex - East

Date: 4/30/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP 

Summary: Ghost comes to see the sword Goth has made her, 
they are then joined by Khamsin!

As logged by Goth

East Altihex

Goth is sat out in east Altihex, He seems rather relaxed for a change, which a surprise considering how stressed otu the bat normally is!... he's enjoying the nice day, and looks to be working on something there at the table he's working at with his datapad nearby.

Ghost walks through Altinex, heading to the eastern sector. Wings are up at a jaunty angle, expression polite but distant. She moves as if she has a plan and purpose, seeking something or someone in particular.

Goth's ears flick as he hears the approach of pedes and looks over, looking around for whom may be approaching in the crowed, it won't take long before he spots the familiar face, even if she's still a number of feet away, he' smiles and looks back to his work, quickly getting a few finishing touches done.

Ghost's strides slow as she looks here, there and, ahh. Optics brighten, still silver but with a touch of lavender to them. Wings give a twitch as she works her way towards Goth, smile crooking across her face. "Su cuy'gar!" A bit of amusement lingering. 

(Su cuy'gar: Hello - lit. *You're still alive.*)

Goth can't help but chuckle. "That I am, by some strange miracle." He'd nod, offering a seat at the table with him. "I hope you don't mind what I've done with the design, I was particular about building it too your needs and aesthetic attire." Gtoh chuckles, as he gestures to the blade hilt. "Pressing the button here should ignite the blade." he'd point out on the hilt, as he also showed the schematics on his datapad.

While the two mechs are getting conversational and greetings out of the way, the sound of another approach comes. Khamsin steps towards Goth's table with an apparent ever-present tray, upon which are a rather antiquated looking, but fine, mugs and the accompanying tea pot. He offers a nod of greeting to Ghost as he does so. "Tahiati lak." He grins. "If...we're all going into various languages..." He smiles and gives Goth a light pat between the ears. "Marhabaan 'ayuha almahbub, Goth." He motions to Ghost, then the table Goth is at. "Mind if I join? I bear tea..."

Ghost slides into the seat, angling wings just.. so. "I'm.. impressed that you were able to work on this so soon." A look at the hilt before she settles hands on the table, overlapping one with the other. Head turns and she flashes Khamsin a smile, friendly if faint, wings shift-flexing. "Ahh.. Olarom, Khamsin. You do look much better than when last I saw you." Ooh, tea.."I won't turn down a nice tea."

Goth's ears twitch straight upward on hearing a very familiar, if not anticipated voice, it takes him a minute before he smiles, a low purr escaping him as Khamsin pats between his ears, partly leaning into it. He should of know right off what language Khamsin was speaking, given the time he spent there in egypt. "Hello to you as well mi amor." Goth smiles. "Always welcome to join me." He'd say softly, before looking back at Ghost and nods. 

"While I was ensuring Khamsin was recovering, I was able to work on the schematics and work out possible errors that where possible with a simulation program on my datapad, that and what research I've been recovering." He'd huff. "Weapon and Drone design has always been one of my strengths, as I've often done it as a hobby.. need to keep my hands busy at times." He'd explain.

Khamsin nods to Ghost. "I feel better, too. I can walk the city without feeling like I immediately need to rest and recharge..." He sets things down on the table and pours for the other two before himself. Only once done does he actually sit. "Good to see you, as well. I've been hearing you have been quite busy of late with things. I trust all is going as you wish it to?" He leans in to look at the work going on. "Oh, business before pleasure...don't let me interrupt."

Ghost's smile brightens, wings now lazily shifting the layered panels against one another as she watches the interaction between the two. "Well, I'm still impressed and flattered that you are working on this.." she waves fingers at the hilt, "Now." Settling back as tea is poured, "Ahh, simply keeping myself... occupied." Swish-flick. "Things are as they are. But my expectations are set rather low at this time."

Goth chuckles, letting Ghost to the balde. "Go on and try it out." He'd state, sipping on his tea. "Quite alright love." he says to Khamsin with a smile as he sips on his tea. "And I am not too surprised, things have been ah... 'wild' to say the least of late." He'd nod sagely.

Khamsin takes a light sip of his own tea as he looks over the work being done. "Quite a nice piece... and, bah, we should never have low expectations, merely find out what steps need to be taken to reach the goals we seek. It is far easier to elevate circumstance to the bar you've set than it is to lower it, let everything latch on, and lift it again with all that added weight."

Ghost raises brows, "Wild.. well that is one way to put it. Paradigm shifting levels of wild." She looks at the blade hilt, then picks up her tea, sipping. "I will but as I'm learning, one simply does not do business while having tea." Wink before some of the levity withdraws. "Current goal is to remain alive long enough to determine what next my path will tread."

Goth can't help but chuckle t that, he nods and relaxes there. "Mmmm That was my goal for sometime as well... So I do not envy that position." He'd huff.. He'd smile tiredly at Khamsin though. "Will say, it's good to see you up and about." He'd nod to his mate, before looking to Ghost. "Not surprised what happened, happened, but at the same time.. I'm not upset."

Khamsin nods. "Well, my goal still remain centered around Altihex. Most of them, at any rate. I will say, my primary goal was achieved, so now I can pour focus into the remainder with a lot more focus and effort. Hopefully with a lot less Lugnut." He winces slightly before taking a sip. "Speaking of...I need to schedule some engagements with various city representatives...write out my agendas proper, talking points..." He frowns and glances at Ghost and chuckles softly. "Sometimes I miss the simplicity that came with being a warfighter."

Ghost's smile crooks wryly. "I've done it before, I'll do it again I suspect. For now, it is what it is." She spans wings out with a shrug. "I held hope that it would be passed over but.. Large mechs, large..egos?" Sipping the tea, "The paperwork is the /worst/." she notes, "But I've always had that so with my.. light duty-load, its an interesting relief."

"If I see or hear Lugnut again, it will be too soon." Goth groans, before he pauses. "When I was a scavenger out in space for vorns, the other species often did say we were... what was it? 'Size queens'?" he asks with a spin of his index finger, before he chuckles, shaking his helm. "Oh if only it was just paperwork.. I could get that done within a few hours."

Khamsin nods. "I don't mind some paperwork to a degree...the chance to collect and catalogue thoughts and observations is crucial. It's easy to see things get lost to the past."

Ghost inclines her head in a nod, "Paperwork makes the world go 'round sometimes." Sip, brows lifting before she lets out a snort-chuff from intakes, smirking, "Size matter not." Smirk, "Ahh.. The past." Taking a moment to look at the tea in the mug, tipping and turning it to swirl the beverage slowly. "Too much history has been lost. Large gaping holes of data just.. gone." Glancing upwards, "I have archives stored that.." hrmph, "That have no tactical advantage, but it is history."

Goth hems. "I would like to look through it sometime, see what I learned on Eukaris lines with our origin planet's history propper." Goth muses in thought, before he'd huff. "I sometimes miss having access to the archive, but, ahh.

Khamsin says, "All of history has tactical benefit. Perhaps not in a firefight, but that is not the only field where tactics must exist." He glances at Goth and nods. "I...very well may try to build something in Altihex...see if, perhaps, something can't be catered to the labs that are locked down and with them to open up and start reclaiming Altihex's status as a seat of research and learning. Coupled with Tyger Pax's efforts to be a seat of knowledge and history, we could work towards closing some of those missing gaps in history."

Ghost tilts her head to one side, expression shading thoughtful, optics slitting, lips pursing into a faint frown. "Therein lies the difficulty. The external archives I have access to, I supect, have been heavily edited. And my personal storage, while.. substantial, is also not fully comprehensive." She pauses, gives a shake of her head, "I /know/ they have been edited as I have done some myself, but the missing sectors were by others hands." looking into the mug again, seeking wisdom, or words, or both. "Tyger Pax.. That names come up more than once in the past few cycles. I may have to pay a visit." Another swish then sip, "The more datasites, the better against loss."

"Agreed." Goth states regarding databases and pauses. "I've met the... Semi, leader of it, Incognito, he was.. not unpleasant to talk to, actually rather enjoyed it." Goth muses with a tap of his chin, before he sips on his tea. "He visited Khamsin and I while Kham here was recovering.." Goth chuff. "I'd love to visit as well.. mayhaps my missing research ended up there." He'd grin.

Khamsin nods. "And even if things have been edited...there may be other sources which can help research agencies identify what is true from false. Knowledge that is hidden is worthless." He takes a light sip and thinks a bit. "I've heard rumors Iacon also has some archives under their protection as well. Cross-referencing may be possible to help find whatever middle-ground truth might have been." He exhales softly. "Either way...we cannot afford to hide from history, false or otherwise." He looks to Goth and nods lightly. "Incognito has proven to be very agreeable to work with. I can see us both working collectively for Cybertron's future."

Ghost hnnns softly. "And that names been mentioned more than once as well." frowning at her tea. "Where would your research have been, Goth? Any of the Decepticon sites?" she asks, "Have a few.. uh.. datacrawler routines I could set out upon the systems we have to look." Smile at some thought, "Ahh.. Yes. I'd love to get myself into Iacons archives. Downside is I might never leave. All the lovely data."

Goth nods at Khamsin and hems at Ghost. "lets see.. I arrived on the planet not long after the destruction of Harmonex, and Kaon and the medical bay was still located in Kaon... Ibex had yet to fall.. Vos had also yet to fall." Goth says thinking. "My Lab used to be located in something of a secret room in the back of the medical bay, and down a stairwell... But it seems after I 'killed in action' I suspect, when the Medical bay was moved, my lab was discovered and likely torn down.. With a number of.. personal, items likely removed or thrown out." Goth huffs. 

"The computers and datapads may have been wiped, or Shockwave absorbed them into his own library." Goth grumbles. "Tried for years to keep that mech from using me as a lab-rat..Didn't seem to chuffed on using Beast-formers for such."

Khamsin blinks and gives a nod. "I...must admit, my own departure was a bit rushed and, had I been thinking a bit better, I'd have taken or pre-loaded some things on the shuttle I'd stolen...but I didn't think I was going to steal it at the time." He chuckles softly... "But, yes, I imagine that medbay is very much...gone by now. A shame. I had some good drinks in there, too." He shakes his head lightly. "And...Shockwave is... I don't like him. Never did. Probably never will."

Ghost's optics gleam, glittering. She sips her tea, "You do know.. I was active as a full operative during those times, yes? I can, at minimium, track where files were relocated. With some time, possibly retrieve what is there. Medical archives were rarely, if ever, wiped. Oh.." Wing flick, "They may have /looked/ wiped, but simple obfuscation." She gives a shrug, "Worked under him while /he/ was off napping on earth. The least said about that the best. But he does have a lovely penchant for keeping records, even if hidden."

Goth's ears twitch upward. "Ah, we must of never of crossed paths, then again I was normally confined to my lab, or recovering in medical after being blown up by some autobot with fire." He'd grumble, rolling his optics. "What is with autobots and fire?" He'd murmur as he recalled it all, he'd soon grunt and lower his help onto the table, placing a hand on his help as he has an optic twitch. "Right.. right.. memory banks still damaged.." He'd mutter, taking a vent, collecting himself before sitting back up. 

"Well... if you do find them.. There likely a number of weapons research and designs, medical research, there where upgrades for various bots, such Blast Off, Blades for Vortex, Sixshot.. May even find an old bomb type of scrappers in there." He'd chuckle. "Wouldn't be surprised if he's long scrapped them and made something much more zany." He'd grin. 

"Number of drone designs, such as a large one that looks like a scraplet.... Ah." Goth's ears twitch upward. "...I think.. there was some designs for modifications too your rifle I'd been working on." He'd say to Khamsin. "....As well as ah.. schematics regarding the frequency tuner I made for my voice box to allow my screeches to stun others and.. Mmmm Videos.. regarding /Phantom's/ shenanigans."

Khamsin ughs. "Phantom's nonsense can die in the past..." He blinks. "Mmm, my rifle... I suppose I should see if that's even serviceable at some point. I think it's well buried under the desert sands, though." He falls silent a moment, just thinking. "Wonder if the flight logs on the shuttle are still salvageable, too...that poor runabout went all over the place."

Ghost taps a finger on the table, "I think I spent most of those years hunkered down in various cesspits reporting on Autobot movement. I preferred to steer clear of our cities, after living through their falls.. The memories are still as fresh as if they happened only yesterday."

She hmmms through intakes, the sound a low, soft rumble, "I'll see what I can find then. Always good to match the scientist with their records. It betters all those around." Her head tilts, "Seeing as there are no other active phase systems... It tends to drive mechs to madness in each and every case it was attempted, I do not think that he is an issue any longer." Wolfish-feral grin, optics slitting.

"Good, /no one/ liked that mech, was a bloody nuisance." Goth groans, before he chuckles. "That it can, however there is two very /specific/ videos I want from there.... and I suspect you know which they are." he says to Khamsin, his expression softening. "I'd love too visit earth with you, that place reminds me greatly of Eukrias... and.. well, it brings my mind peace of mind." he'd smile. "It's beauty, the fact it rains normal h20 based rain and not /acid/." He laughs.

Khamsin mms... "I very much enjoyed my time on Earth...I do want to go back." He sips his tea and thinks a good moment before shooting Goth a glance...and then nods. "I...might know which, yes... hmm. Hopefully they're not all lost."

Ghost says, "I did like the time I spent on earth. The air.. the storms, the nicely deep and cold lakes." the operative notes, taking another sip of her nearly finished tea. "I'll see what I can locate, i do have.. an abundance of free time on my hands at the moment." She sets the mug down, only now really taking a look at the hilt on the table. Reaching out with both hands, she picks it up, turning it this way and that, studying the design, the patterns, the colors. Settling it in one hand, she leans back, testing the general heft of it before.. "Goth.. Could you make this a matched set?" Optics dimmed pools of silver, tone low, thoughtful."

"Should of seen the canote I was stuck in, even if i did dirty it up deeper in... Was a rather nice place." Goth huffs, thinking about it... He then lifts an ear as he tilts his helm. "A sibling? That I can, should be done a bit quicker then this one, now that I have the all finalized design, will mostly be a matter of getting back to my lab and fishing out the supplies." Goth nods. "Was what I was doing when Soundwave informed me of what Megatron planned." He nods. 

Goth then smiles to Khamsin. "...Indeed, those two videos have some.. heavy sentimental value attached to them." He'd chuckle.

Khamsin sits a bit in quiet contemplation, leaving the talk over hilts, blades, matched sets, and other such things to run without his interruption as he slowly swishes his tea and takes a light sip or two, just lost in thoughts for the time being.

Ghost's wings give a twitch at something in the words spoken in return, but she does offer a smile and a tipping of her head, setting the blade back down on the table. "Soundwave.. has been interesting this round of mine into real-space. Unlike a prior time period." She picks up her mug, finishing the tea and placing the empty container next to the hilt. "I'll work on locating anything related to your records Goth, even if it is an actual deletion notation. So some closure at worst, possible information at best." She slides to her feet, locking wings into 'standard' position. "Since I am planetside, no better time than now to go spelunking before I return home."

Goth chuckles. "It would be appreciated, and.. yes, Soundwave has been noticeably.. Odd, much more emotional, I heard him crack jokes, it was weird." Goth says, shaking his helm, but he's grinning. "Thank you.. If you can find anything in regardless to those videos in the least, well, I'd be happy with just that." He'd huff, glancing to Khamsin and leaning over onto the mech lightly. "I'll inform you of the other one being done as soon as it is... Heh and now that you know about the personal touch I added too it, anything specific you wish on the second?"

Ghost offers a brief flash of a warm, honestly pleased smile. "I don't tell artists how to do what they do. I simply ask them to do as they see fit and appreciate their skill and willingness to create on my behalf." Tapping the hilt with a finger, "This is already beyond what I had even envisioned, and I trust you to make its mate worthy to be in the pairing." She steps back, "Let me know when it is done and then I will accept them then."

Goth nods with a soft smile, and watches her off, and looks to Khamsin. "Shanix for your thoughts?" He asks. "..Take you know do know which two videos I am after.. Considering Its footage form my lab." he'd smile

Khamsin hmms? "Oh, just...thinking through talks that haven't happened yet, that's all..." He looks at his tea and takes a light sip before nodding. "And...I've a hunch, yes..." He chuckles. "I'm sure, if they are stored somewhere, recovery can happen."

Goth grins. "I hope so.. Stupid as the situation was at the time.. Honestly one of the best things to come out of it, and I hope to preserve.." Goth smiles thinking fondly... Before he nods. "Take you plan on Tyger Pax first?"

Khamsin gives a nod. "Yes. Tyger Pax first. The neutral cities are stronger unified. It will provide both of us a good stance for negotiations with other polities." He looks at his tea. "Mmm...we shall get to that in time."

Goth nods. "A venture I look forward too, thankfully it is also rather close, so, shouldn't prove too much an issue." He'd sip on his own tea. "You do have me curious on what you planned for the city."

Khamsin grins. "Revival of the sciences...we'll figure things out as they come." He rests in his chair a moment. "Mmm...but that will be tomorrow, I think. I'm ready for rest."

"Alright then Love, and you know if you require help with architectural designs, i'm more then willing to lend a hand." Goth would say as he gets up, picking up his items and helping clean up, before offering his hand out to Khamsin to take as they walked back.

Khamsin pushes himself up to help as he can as well before nodding. "Right...well, shall we?" He chuckles, just enjoying the walk back.

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