Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Business Inspection

Characters: Delusion, Discretion, Widget, Afterwire, Crankcharger, Highcycle

Location: Valvolux

Date: March 2, 2021


Summary: The younger Dominicons inspect a new business venture in Valvolux.

As logged by Delusion

Log session starting at 18:16:51 on Tuesday, 2 March 2021.

While most new businesses get only a quick once-over to make sure they're not a front company for something nasty or selling blatantly illegal weaponry, a few require more than the usual accreditation. In this case, a trio of hopeful Valvoluxians want to open a frame modification shop. So the Dominicons are taking a personal look at their establishment, equipment, and work before they sign off on the place.

Delusion waits on the street near the building in question. She'd look like she was loitering if she wasn't recognizably one of the people in charge in this city- leaning against a wall, arms folded, watching the foot traffic (and some on wheels) go by.

Anything that tends to look 'questionable' at least has Widget trying to get a look at them to reverse engineer them later. She's still rather sore from the melee with the Camians and grousing. Her crane 'lifter' has been retracted over her back and is locked down, and her rotors have fallen back as well. She's walking along thoughtfully while looking at the specifications given so far for the frame modification shop. Even if everything is completely above board, she's still going to look for anything she could get ideas from.

Delusion raises a hand as Widget appears. "There you are. This is more your wheelhouse than mine." She straightens up and heads to one of many buildings along the market area. The For Rent sign isn't even taken down yet, just turned around in the window. Delusion knocks on the door and waits for it to be answered.

Widget would give a stiff nod to Delusion, "If they have anything illegitimate, it won't be out in the open. They'll have somewhere concealed with the materials they use. If things look -too- organized pay attention. Look to how much space the facility takes up. Evaluate how much they would need for the front areas, workshop, storage, offices. If it looks like they have far too much space or far too little, pepper them with minor questions."

Delusion shakes her head. "Teaching your maker to suck fuel, Widget? Takedown's got the paperwork, as usual. And I've been an interrogator longer than you've been alive. Check their gear and supplies, then see if they know their medical. That's the training you have that I don't."

The door is answered by a tall, slender femme who looks to be a two-wheeler of some kind from the kibble. She has a garish paint job that includes several custom etchings and emblems. She looks at Delusion and Widget and then yells back into the shop, "The enforcers are here!" before turning back and waving the Dominicons in. "Hey, name's Highcycle, welcome to our soon-to-be booming business!"

Widget would give a grumble over to Delusion, "You asked. I answered." She's walking along a bit slowly due to her only partially patched up damage, but it's just making her stride more thoughtful. Widget would glance at Highcycle, "We're here to just make sure everything is proper." Remembering those 'social skills' that she tended to bypass when she could.

But 'the enforcers are here' does get a low smirk from her. And she allows, "our reputation precedes us." Gesturing at Highcycle to lead on in.

Discretion drops down from the sky just as Highcycle waves her sisters in and offers them all a smile. "Oh good, I'm not late for the inspection."

She cants her head at Widget, "Get up on the wrong side of the recharger today? We're just here to check things over; not scare off new business. Tone down the anti-social a bit."

Inside there's a lot of temporary barriers and crates in the foyer. Highcycle leads the Doms through it to the back where several booths have been laid out, all fitted out for framework and paint. Two mechs hang around, one of them a broad mech with a magnetic tow hitch on his back, the other a bit smaller and lighter framed. Highcycle points to the bigger mech, "That's Crankcharger," then to the smaller, "And Afterwire."

Delusion nods to Discretion. "Nice of you to meet us," and she sounds like she actually means it. "How're your medical studies going?"

Widget would nod at Discretion, "Yess'm." Then going quiet and looking about thoughtfully. As the group would go on in, she's glancing about the layout and supplies. Analysing, evaluating, and going quiet now. Taking in position of things, construction, and what facilities were setup and what were still being unpacked. Checking it in her processor while standing back a bit from Delusion, thoughtfully.

Discretion blinks at Widget's response and glances at Delusion, "They're going well. Haven't quite gotten up to where I'd be willing to test out on a live subject... patient yet."

Her optics scanning over the setup as the trio walk through and flick to the two mech as they're introduce in turn. She waves to them both and steps over to one of the booths and begins inspecting it.

Crankcharger hangs about the booths, ready with answers about tools and operating techniques. He has a deliberate way of talking and an immaculate paintjob, and begins pointing out how each berth has the same gear, just adjusted for different sizes. Afterwire seems a lot jumpier, fidgeting and roving about when not being addressed.

Delusion gives Discretion a quick smile. "Good. That means you'll at least know what's good equipment and what isn't." She homes in on Afterwire as her subject du jour.

Crankcharger's organized, Afterwire's agitated. But that doesn't particularly mean anything. Everything so far to Widget is looking fiarly legitimate and organized. If only as they're getting an inspection. So as each booth is talked about in turn, Widget watches with one optic, listening to the commentary back and forth. Then she goes to start with some question, "What sorts of workshop capabilities do you have onhand? Do you think you'll be making things mostly with your own facilities or trading for parts?"

Crankcharger pats one of the berths. "We plan to mostly use this facility for installs. There's a workshop on the side if we need to do some light customization before fitting it, and Highcycle's got a little workshop of her own. But the parts made here in Valvolux are a real upgrade for most mechs- we figure why not get the work done in town? So we're buying parts from the local factories or trading for them in the market, adding the cost of our services to that."

Discretion listens to Crankcharger's explantions even as she's looking over the equipment and parts with her enchanced optics. Hearing Wdget speak up and the answer from Crankcharger she turns and moves over to look over their current stock of parts on hand. "That makes good fiscal sense."

Picking up a small part and turning it over in her fingers. "Doesn't hurt that the parts production facilities have already passed our inspection, and Bulwark's. Means we shouldn't have to vet them too."

Widget would glance over at Discretion, giving a nod in agreement. "Makes sense. Efficient." She would allow while sweeping about more and listening. Everything so far seems resaonable to her and nothing is particularly standing out.

Delusion lets Discretion and Widget talk tech and walks over to loom over Afterwire. "Highcycle's a customer of mine," she muses, "And I've only heard good things about Crankcharger, but you have a trespassing charge, don't you?"

Afterwire immediately throws up his hands in surrender. "That was a whole misunderstanding! I thought that zone was authorized!"

Discretion manages to stifle a giggle at Afterwire's before more than the start escapes her lips. She sets down the part in hand and turns to Highcycle, "So far things look to be in order, and I know the permits and other administrative details are done. Were there any concerns you wanted to address with us while we're here?"

Widget would maintain a passiev look on her face. There was amusement, but it was relatively minor. She would allow quietly, "Everything looks fine here." For the record. Now just going to fold her arms over to observe.

Delusion spends a little more time making Afterwire sweat, going over the details of the incident in question and what he's been up to since. ("All legal, here are my permits, I'm not making a mistake like that again!") before she smirks and nods to Widget and Discretion. "I don't see any issues on my end." Poor mech.

Highcycle shrugs at Discretion. "I mean, personally I've been doing this kind of thing for friends for a while. Crank's good at his work. I figure once a few people try it out, word will get around and we'll be rolling."

"Seems pretty reasonable from I'm seeing here," Discretion say. She urns back to Delusion and Widget, "Everything's fine here."

Her optics move over the the other trio, "Welcome to the neighborhood," she offers Afterwire a gentle grin, "and try not to get into trouble."

Widget would quietly harrumph over at the exchange. Her part here is done. Letting the -others- do the niceties while she would just cross her arms. As the approval goes through, she would give an automatic nod over with it while keeping quiet.

Afterwire tries to look reliable and trustworthy and ruins it by fidgeting.

Delusion takes out a datapad to make a note. "And do you have a contact lined up at the medical center in case something happens to go wrong with someone in the shop that you don't have the parts to handle?"

Crankcharger nods. "That'd be Overflow. He's been there a while, said he was willing to work a few more hours if it came up."

Discretion makes a note of the name to check up on later. She looks over the interior of the build with a critical optic just to be sure before nodding one last time. "As I said, welcome to the neighborhood. It's always enjoyable to see a new venture in our city."

Widget would add that name to her list, categorizing it as another medic in the city just in case the services were ever needed. And now adding the workshop and parts to the list of 'approved' places and establishments on the grid in her head.

Delusion nods to herself as she finishes putting in details. "We'll have one of the guard stop by with a seal for your window so customers know you're official."

Highcycle pumps a fist in the air. "Great!" She turns to the other two. "That means we gotta get this lounge area cleaned up!"

Discretion waves and makes her way out of the shop; stopping not too far outside to wait Delusion and Widget.

Widget would glance at Delusion, and as soon as 'approval' is finalized is heading on out. And she's going to twitch one of her rotors. Muttering to herself, the rotor quite not fully deploying, "Goign to have to tweak that.."

Delusion is last to leave, genial enough to the trio now that they've passed inspection. She closes the door behind her. "More time in the workshop, mmm? Going to use the large one downstairs or heading off to your own little hidey-hole?"

Widget would grin, "Hidey hole. Just a strut's stuck so was going to get a tool to pull it out the rest of the way and let it settle in for repair systems to fully align it."

"I'm surprised she could be bothered to leave either one for even this long," Discretion teases lightly as she looks at Widget. "You know that Bulwark or Solus could, and probably would, fix that for you. Looks like it's in a kind of lousy place for you to reach on your own."

Delusion nods. "You don't have to spend your whole life in hermitage."

Widget would just furrow a brow, "I'm not asking -either- of them to waste their time on this. It's drone work. Have one clamp down and pull it out." She would sigh over at Delusion. But there is a smirk at the two.

Discretion shrugs, "I don't think Bulwark considers anything 'drone work', but if your mind is made up..."

Delusion waves a hand and says airily, "It's not like you're likely to evolve into a small gremlin that hoards shiny metal things and hides in the dark...hmm..."

Widget would just look at Discretion while noting dryly, "I'm aware. And.." She would make an effort. "I appreciate it." Then smirking at Delusion, "Isn't that a dragon's horde?"

Discretion nods and gives Delusion a side optic. "Nasty Hobittses..."

Delusion snickers. "Just picture her speaking with a lisp, give her a bit of a hunch.." She taps a finger against her cheek in exaggerated thought. "I don't know that you're as athletic as Gollum, Widget. He at least swam regularly."

Widget would just grin over at the two, "Well, I'm sure if I kept up looking I could find Narya, Nenya, or Vilya if I went through enough deritus." She would elaborate probably after a moment of confusion. "The Elven Rings of Power forged by Celebrimor."

Discretion laughs and stretches, "She is a bit bulkier than he was." She glances at Widget, "Oh so you can read things aside from technical specs and manuals."

Rolling her shoulders and lifting into the air. "I think I'm going to go do a patrol and then see to a few of my own projects."

Delusion nods. "Have fun. I have a play to work on tonight." She stretches and then resumes her usual gait when strolling through town.

Widget would give a dismissive wave to the other two, then start the half-hobble towards one of her own boltholes.

Log session ending at 21:44:34 on Tuesday, 2 March 2021.