Burpleson Air Force Base is a location in the "Shattered Glass" universe.
Burpleson Air Force Base

Burpleson Air Force Base

Burpleson Air Force Base is located in a desert region of the United States of America. It serves as the main control center for the country's Global Orbital Defense Satellites, via a very sophisticated signal relay transmitter. The base's commander is a battle-hungry, commie-hating, cigar-chomping General in need of a psychiatric appointment.


Shattered Glass

Recently a rift in space-time opened up just outside the Burpleson Air Force Base. Base commander General Flagg was not at all happy about this development, and General Flint sent Snake-Eyes to help him investigate the situation.

The Joes found elseworlder Snoop wandering the desert outside the base, and captured her. After being held at the base for study for several months, she eventually escaped.

When Lt. Bludd was captured by G.I. Joe, he was taken to Burpleson Air Force Base for interrogation by Captain Zero. Bludd remains in Zero's custody.


  • The base might be a reference to Burpelson Air Force Base from Dr. Strangelove, including being commanded by similar crazy generals.


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