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Burn Out
Personal information
Real Name

Walter O. Jones


Catskill, New York





Military information
Service branch


Primary MOS


Secondary MOS



3 - Dreadnok


Flamethrower; Shotgun; Uzi; Dreadnok RAM Cycle

Organizational information




I love working on and riding anything that has a throttle on the handlebar. The next best thing I like is smashing something that doesn't have a throttle on the handlebar. Hey, I am a Dreadnok, you know!

Burn Out was one of the few Dreadnoks who actually possessed a practical skill: Burn Out could have been an engineer if he hadn't dropped out of a top technical school during freshman orientation. A natural genius at mechanics, he became fascinated with motorcycles at an early age. His superb handcrafted custom bikes soon caught the attention of Zartan, who recruited him for the Dreadnok gang. Once a member of the gang, Burn Out also learned a skill in disguise.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Walter O. Jones could have been an engineer if he hadn't dropped out of a top technical school during freshman orientation and moved on to less reputable pursuits. From an early age, growing up in Catskill, New York, he was fascinated with motorcycles and started to use his natural genius at mechanics to build handcrafted custom motorcycles. His bikes caught the attention of Zartan who recruited him for his new, organized Dreadnoks gang. Under the name Burn Out, he became one of the group's chief mechanics. Zartan also sparked Burn Out's interest in disguise, which he continues to pursue. And like any good Dreadnok, he still likes to destroy things.

MUX History:

Burn Out is one of the New York chapter Dreadnoks on the MUX. He joined the Dreaknoks in 2003.

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