Bullhorn is a G.I. Joe character.
Personal information
Real Name

Stephen A. Ferreira


Proviedence, Rhode Island



Military information
Service branch

United States Army

Primary MOS

Intervention Specialist

Secondary MOS



1 - E-5 - Sergeant


Sniper Rifle

Organizational information

G.I. Joe



"They say talk is cheap, but I can make it worth your life."

If Bullhorn had opted to become a politician, he would not have a hard time attaining his goal. He has charisma and a compassionate personality that makes him effective as a people person. It's also this kind of personality that makes him an effective crisis negotiator. Slick as a diplomat with looks and charm to wit, he makes people think he's listening to them and actually cares about their problems. Even hard core extremists take the time to talk with him. However, if all negotiations completely break down, the cool and collected Bullhorn will smash the door or windows and take action. A hand-to-hand combat specialist and national pistol title contender, Bullhorn makes criminals wish they'd listened to him and taken the easy way out.


Pre-MUX History

Bullhorn was formerly a hand-to-hand combat instructor at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He later worked with the G.I. Joe team before it was shut down in 1994. As an intervention specialist, he negotiated with criminals and terrorists, but was always ready to respond with force if necessary.

MUX History

Bullhorn is a reserve member of G.I. Joe, ready to respond to the call any time they need a skilled crisis negotiator.


  • Working names: Peacemaker, Talkdown, Wingshot, Last-Chance.

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