Personal information
Real Name

Earl S. Morris


Chicago, Illinois





Military information
Service branch

United States Army

Primary MOS

Federal Marshall

Secondary MOS

Rotary Wing Pilot


7 - O-4 Major



Organizational information

G.I. Joe


Battle Corps, Drug Elimination Force

I don't believe in magic charms. I'm just really careful, and I practice shooting every day!

Among the Joes, there is one man who has dedicated himself to the eradication of illegal narcotics. Bullet-Proof has proven himself, time and time again, that he is willing to go as far as he could in what has become his personal war. Back when he was a field agent for the D.E.A., he worked in just about every known cartel hot spots. His dogged determination has, thus far, spared him from any injury in the many raids and strikes he had conducted that his chosen code name is apt.

He may met his match in the drug dealer known as the Headman who has taken his narcotics operations to new heights by forming a paramilitary element. Bullet-Proof won't let that fact stop him as he gets the cooperation of the military to let him commandeer a special team stop him.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Bullet-Proof was born in Chicago. He later joined the Drug Enforcement Agency where he served in Central America, the Golden Triangle and the Caribbean as a field officer. His amazing luck when leading raids and firefights against drug lords earned him the nickname "Bullet-proof" from the criminals he fought. Bullet-Proof is also a qualified pilot of the Desert Apache helicopter.

After being placed in command of the newly-formed Drug Elimination Force, Bullet-Proof lead the team of Mutt, Cutter and Shockwave against the drug lord known as Headman and his henchman known as Headhunters. Headman has set up a drug-dealing business in Broca Beach, a seaside town secretly controlled by Cobra. In one difficult raid, Bullet-Proof would have been killed if not for his heavy bullet-proof vest. The team rid Broca Beach of drugs without even realizing Cobra's involvement in the town.

Eventually, Bullet-Proof led the DEF in tracking down one of Headman's drug shipments. Headman himself was bringing drugs into New York when the DEF caught up with him, chasing his boat through nearby waters. In the end, it was Cobra Commander himself who saw to Headman's final defeat, using the commandeered military laser installation hidden in the Chrysler Building. Headman's vessel was destroyed before the DEF's eyes. The Joe team's Drug Elimination Force was discontinued shortly thereafter, and Bullet-Proof returned to fighting drug smugglers with the DEA.

MUX History:

Today, Bullet-Proof, like most former Joes, is a reserve member of the G.I. Joe team. He is currently leading the search in South America for the escaped Headman. Claymore is XO of Bullet-Proof's team.

OOC Notes



Bullet-Proof is available for application.


Preferred Vehicles

  • Desert Apache helicopter


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