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Bulkhead is an Autobot Wrecker.

Miss me?

Bulkhead looks huge and menacing but is actually quite careless and gentle souled. Though he's neither a brainiac nor a fast runner, Bulkhead is one of the most sturdy members of Team Prime. He's afraid of hurting things smaller and more fragile than himt. He has a low tolerance for jerks and bullies, and is quite happy to let people like that stew in the trouble they've made for themselves, but his better impulses -— or at least, needling from those around him —- always sway him into helping in the end.

For all his sweetness, he's still a Wrecker through and through. Yet despite participating in several major battles and campaigns, his past career has left some painful psychological scars. Being a part of the Autobots' black ops team means you have to do the dirty work, and Bulkhead's seen many horrors and friends meet a bad end. Though saddened by his traumatic experiences with the Wreckers, he's joined up with Optimus Prime to end the fight with Megatron, for the sake of all his brothers and comrades.

After a long road trip, feels good to get out of the car, stretch my legs, and kick some tailpipe!

—Bulkhead on crushin' Cons, "Convoy"


Aligned novels

Bulkhead was one of the original Wreckers.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Bulkhead (バルクヘッド Barukuheddo)
  • Mandarin: Gébǎn (隔板, "Bulkhead")


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