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To catch a tiger, one must be its prey.

BRUCE SATO is a mechanical engineer and design specialist. A toy designer by day, he brings his creativity and expertise to the MASK program. Working with Matt Trakker, Sato devises and builds private security vehicles to take on threats from both Cobra and the Decepticons. Sato is not a military man, but he understands the needs of combat-oriented vehicles and continues to grow in knowledge and experience. His ownership of his own toy company gives him the freedom and resources to devote much of his time to MASK. Bruce is a fan of puzzles and loves to confound his teammates with riddles, and in the field his pilots his own personal vehicle, which he calls the Rhino.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Bruce Doug Sato is a toy designer born in San Francisco, CA.

MUX History:

In 2008, MASK joined forces with G.I. Joe. In 2016, he helped rescue enforced workers in Australia. In 2017, he helped rescue Sneak-Peek when the observation specialist was discovered in Washington, DC by Cobra.


Bruce Sato's Lifter mask

  • Lifter (Rhino) - creates an anti-gravity field
  • New Lifter (Dynamo) - creates a holographic double
  • Grasshopper (Rescue Mission) - allows him to jump incredible distances

OOC Notes





Bruce Sato is available for application. Since he doesn't have an official note or stats yet on the MUX, anyone wanting to play him is welcome use the OC Application to make suggestions, or just app for him as an FC and let us decide. Sato was temped by BZero for the Oz Effect TP, and by Whitedagger in 2017.

Preferred Vehicles

Bruce Sato wearing the Grasshopper mask on the Dynamo

The Rhino


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