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Broca Beach is Cobra's secret base on the east coast of the United States. It is a small town that has been completely overtaken by Cobra – every man, woman, and child in the city is related to Cobra in some way, as a direct agent, a member of Cobra Youth, or at least a member of a Cobra-supportive household. The town appears completely normal on the surface, but hides a fully-functional Cobra base below. G.I. Joe is currently unaware of its existence.


Canon History

A small town on the New Jersey shore, Broca Beach was intended to become Cobra's secret base in America, replacing the long-lost town of Springfield. The town's conversion to suit Cobra's needs was financed by real estate scams run by Zarana and Zandar. Zarana and the Dreadnoks were put in charge of the Broca Beach operation. Under cover of night, the town was settled by Cobra troops and their families, taken by ship from Cobra Island. The main attractions of Broca Beach were the boardwalk and amusement park. Other landmarks included an amphitheater. Like Springfield, Broca Beach hid Cobra vehicles and equipment, and some were hidden in plain site, disguised as amusement park rides.

Two Joes -- Clutch and Rock & Roll -- stumbled upon Broca Beach while on leave. They discovered Cobra's presence there, but were captured by the Dreadnoks and brainwashed before they could report the existence of Broca Beach. The Brain-wave Scanner was hidden inside the local multiplex theater.

Years later, the G.I. Joe Drug Elimination Force were sent into Broca Beach on a mission to track down the drug dealers led by Headman. Headman believed that Broca Beach was the perfect place to deal drugs since Cobra couldn't involve the authorities without exposing their secret operation. After a battle between the Joes and the dealers, Headman escaped. The Joes chased him down and foud the Headman on a freighter, ready to deliver a shipment to Broca Beach. To the Joes' surprise, Cobra Commander himself stopped Headman, wanting to rid his town of drug dealers.

Eventually, Cobra Commander focused his attention to Eastern Europe and Cobra's Broca Beach headquarters was reduced to a skeleton crew. Cobra's involvement in Broca Beach was never discovered.

MUX History

Much of Broca Beach was severely damaged during the Great Flood of 2011. It was later rebuilt with substantial investment from Extensive Enterprises.



Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Broca Beach is a small East Coast town that Father Cobra began moving personnel and supporters to in 2011 in response to the capture of Lt. Bludd.


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