Faction: Autobot
Species: Transformer
Function: TRACKER
Rank: 1 - Loner/SpecOps

Even the most dangerous challenge can be faced, as long as you believe you can overcome it.

Breach is quite an enigmatic figure - he refuses to talk much about himself, or even past events, believing instead that it is the present that is what is important. Always there with a smile and a quip, he seems to have unofficially affiliated himself with the Autobots, but he doesn't always do what is asked of him.

Although he believes in non-violent confrontation over all-out war, he will go to great lengths to protect those for whom he cares. Cross him, and you will find a competent foe - though his weapons may be designed more for defense than attack, he can still pack a punch. In robot mode, Breach flies with a jetpack when it's working, and wields a sword for silent, up-close fighting. In tiger mode, he has incredibly acute senses, and can track prey through the most hostile territory. Although friendly and affable on the surface, his solitary nature keeps most from learning who he truly is.


This character was created and played by Blueshift.

Breach was last seen in May of 2014.

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