A device of Dr. Mindbender's (Originally developed by Dr. Venom) that allows him to scan brainwaves, reading people's mind and potentially probing their memories. The last version on the MUX was built into modified dentist's chair; its current version is built into an electric chair with the scanner itself built into a customised dental X-ray housing. Mindbender has also built a less-powerful portable version operated by X.


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"Meanwhile, the entire time Scarlett & Zap have been escaping, Snake-Eyes has been strapped into the brainwave scanner. The brainwave scanner is a machine that reads the brain patterns and projects them to a monitor showing what the individual is thinking. Dr. Venom is in charge, and trying to figure out where the GI Joe base is located. He keeps asking Snake-Eyes where the base is, the brainwave scanner is very painful when a person doesn't cooperate. And Snake-Eyes is completely resisting.

In order for Snake-Eyes to prevent himself from giving away the base he begins to think of things from his past. Dr. Venom is able to see these memories and see that Snake-Eyes has lead a very painful life. The series of memories that Snake-Eyes uses to block the brainwave scanner: his first job at a gas station, prom night and his date, the helicopter accident in which his face was burned and lost his voice, the last flight out of Saigon, a newspaper article about a family dying in a flaming car wreck, a funeral, several moments inside the GI Joe base, and finally a hooded ninja in Japan teaching him the Way of the Inner Anvil. Then Snake-Eyes' heart stops and he flatlines on the monitoring equipment. The brainwave scanner has killed him, or so Dr. Venom thinks.

Snake-Eyes had been trained as a ninja and has the ability to actually slow his heartbeat and breath down to the level of appearing dead. As soon as he is free, he wakes up and knocks out Dr. Venom, and escapes up into Video World."

-- issue summary, "A Nice Little Town Like Ours,"

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, the Brainwave Scanner was developed and is used by Psych-Out.

Notable Victims (In No particular Order)



Storm Shadow





The entire town of Millville


G.I. Joe World

In the G.I. Joe World universe, Psyche-Out has constructed his own version, which he calls his Neural Oscillation Monitor (NOM).

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