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Brains is a drone from the Shattered Glass universe.


Not long ago, the Decepticons constructed a "brain unit" drone to receive a very important download. However, the Decepticons underestimated the independent thought capacity of their new member, and before long the drone rebelled, defected to the Autobots, and now calls himself "Brains." Despite his somewhat eccentric behaviour and mannerisms, he's essentially a bad guy, and gets along well with few of his Autobots, aside from Wheelie, who treats him like a pet. Brains transforms into a Lenovo Think Pad.

“Want me to tell ya what I know? I can tell ya about the Solar System, all the fun planets to destroy."


When Chromia and Firestar infiltrated the Autobot city-state of Iacon, one of the drones they had to bypass was Brains.



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