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Brains is an Autobot drone.

"Pinky & the Brain Part II: Pinky is the Brain".

Not long ago, the Decepticons constructed a "brain unit" drone to receive a very important download. However, the Decepticons underestimated the independent thought capacity of their new member, and before long the drone rebelled, defected to the Autobots, and now calls himself "Brains." Despite his somewhat eccentric behaviour and mannerisms, he's essentially a nice guy, and gets along well with his fellow Autobots. He transforms into a laptop computer.

Want me to tell ya what I know? I can tell ya about the Solar System, all the fun planets to hang out in.

—Brains, Dark of the Moon


  • Brains's head design seems to be based upon the archetypical 'mad scientist', with enormous goggle-eyes and a wild white hairstyle.
  • Brains's head also constantly emits smoke, likely to show that his brain is overheating from his intelligence.
  • According to Transformers Generations 2012, Brains transforms into a Lenovo Think Pad.
  • There is an obvious size difference between the comic Brains and the movie Brains. The comic version depicts him as larger than cars and humans, while in the movie he is shown as around 1 foot tall. On the MUX he's a foot tall.
  • Brains has the honor of being the only character Reno Wilson voiced in more than one movie, who had been recast as a different character for each movie up until Age of Extinction.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Brains (ブレインズ Bureinzu)
  • Mandarin: Nǎu-tshán (Taiwan, 腦殘, "Idiot"), Xiǎo Zhūgé (Mainland China, 小诸葛, "Little Zhuge")
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