Trans-Organics are Quintesson creations.

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The greater the foe, the sweeter his fuel!

There are legends on many worlds of unnatural predators, monsters who hunt in the darkness, sucking the life from any unfortunate victims to cross their path. BOMB-BURST is that dark legend given life. A figure of Cybertronian myth, Bomb-Burst is all too real and all too terrifying. He hunts surface-dwellers alone and in perfect silence, picking them off one at a time, snatching them away to the shadows and then draining all the energy from their bodies through his specially designed fangs. Sometimes the victim is found, drained, dead, and mangled the next morning; sometimes they simply vanish, never to be seen again.

Bomb-Burst can move in near silence and has dual built-in lasers, but he is at his most deadly at close range. His touch causes a rust-rash on contact and he has serrated fangs to punch through a victim's armor. The more energon Bomb-Burst drains, the stronger he becomes. He also wields a corrosive slime shooter and a dual-bladed energo-battle axe.

Bomb-Burst cannot relate socially to most other Cybertronians. He is at heart not a soldier in a war, after all, but a lone predator in the night. Powerful and intelligent, he excels at this. He is not invulnerable, however; his body is highly energy-inefficient, requiring him to drain large numbers of victims, and his optics are very sensitive to light. Yet as a creature of the night, Bomb-Burst is unsurpassed.


Pre-MUX History

The Trans-Organics were the first creation of the Quintessons, predating even the Transformers themselves. Most of the Trans-Organics were destroyed in the distant past but those that could not be destroyed were left in a Hibernation Chamber deep within Cybertron.

MUX History

Dweller in the Depths

Once the UberSeeker's zombie minions broke into the Hibernation Chamber, Hubcap slipped into it and broke the seal keeping the Dweller at bay, waking it and the other sleeping Trans-Organics and unleashing them upon Cybertron.

When the Dweller burst free, one of its first acts was to reward the UberSeeker for its ageless servitude by giving it the honor of being one of the first sentient beings eaten by the Dweller.

The Trans-Organics swarmed Cybertron, although many of them were hunted and killed by Scourge and his Sweeps, including Demogorgon.

Bomb-Burst continued to hunt in service of the Dweller until the Dweller was killed. Now he hunt victims on his own.



On TFUMUX, Bomb-Burst is a Trans-Organic, not a Pretender.


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