Transformers Universe MUX
Bloody Bones
Personal information
Real Name

Captain James "Bloody Bones" Worth






Lamprey 10141

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Naval Forces

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS

Naval Pilot


6 - Pirate Captain



Organizational information



Eels, Varies by Assignment


Captain James "Bloody Bones" Worth is a man of means and intent. And what an ill intent it is, indeed. As James Worth, he is a mild-mannered, unassuming, and seemingly straight-laced man with a Midwestern American accent. As the notorious pirate Captain Bloody Bones, he puts his LAMPREY training to good use for the purposes of plundering and terrorizing the G. I. JOES in COBRA's name.



Bloody Bones

Captain Bloody Bones is decked out in his finest pirate look from his shoulders to his feet. He wears the silk shirt with a jacket over it, breeches and a pair of boots folded down at his shins. Strapped to his waist Bones carries his sword, a variant of the saber, and his flintlock pistol. Across his back, and visible above his shoulder, is his flintlock rifle. The one thing that stands out the most, however, is his head which is nothing more than a bloody skull that is devoid of everything including, seemingly, his eyes.

James Worth

James Worth is a fairly unremarkable man with short brown hair, brown eyes and a finely groomed beard. James is decked out in a rather simplistic outfit of a black shirt, jeans and a pair of boots. Everything about James seems to scream "uninteresting" to the everyday observer.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

The army of Cobra is based upon the regular infantry troops, the Vipers. The original Cobra soldiers were many of those who shared the vision of their leader, Cobra Commander. Trained by soldiers-for-hire, they learned their skills to help establish footholds for Cobra in various unstable nations all around the world. As the organization grew, Cobra's army grew to include mercenaries, known international terrorists and disaffected soldiers from various nations, including the United States. The Vipers are either in it for the money, or for the continuation of Cobra's goal of world domination.

The original Cobra soldiers and officers wore blue military fatigues and helmets, along with a red or black facemask to cover their identities. The Cobra officers' uniforms varied slightly from that of regular troops, the most obvious difference being a v-shaped symbol on the front of their helmets. The name, Viper, was in fact not used until around 1985. It still described the regular infantry, but new more specialized troops were soon created, each adding a prefix to the title. The first of these specialized divisions were the communications officers called Tele-Vipers. A year or two later, the basic Viper underwent a major uniform change. The most striking difference was the wraparound helmet with silver-plated facemask, presumably meant to emulate the helmet worn by Cobra Commander. These helmets gave Vipers additional protection, as well as built-in commo gear. Cobra officers continued to use the original uniform. Nearly all of Cobra's rank and file start off as standard Vipers, and then undergo special training to join the specialized groups.

In 1994, most of Cobra's forces scattered after being defeated by military forces. In the years that followed, Cobra Commander began to rebuild his army, including many of the specialized Vipers of the past, some in modified versions of their original uniforms. The uniform for the Cobra officer has changed slightly to include protective armor, but is still based on the original Cobra uniforms.

MUX History:

Recently, the Vipers again faced the G.I. Joe team in battle when Cobra Commander and his forces returned. Some time after their return, Cobra Commander developed the Neo-Vipers, soldiers genetically altered for enhanced strength, endurance and dexterity. A number of new types of Vipers have debuted, as well.

In 2018, Bloody Bones used a Tiger Ray to capture a Shark 9000 and pillage a Coast Guard base.

Logs / Posts


May 06 - "Coast Guard Raid"

  • The bloody skulled visage of Bloody Bones appears on screen* Earlier this evening, working on a tip from Method my crew and I chased after the target. A short distance off land we ran across somes Joes. With Interrogator providing assistance we launched an attack on the Joes. After a valiant struggle, I managed to force the Joes to abandon their ship and my second in command, Walt Brennan, sailed the ship back. While he did that, the crew and I plundered the city. Captain Worth out. *The screen goes black*

May 23 - "Pirate Plans"

Bloody Bones makes plans to seize and outfit a ship for his pirates.


  • February 18 - "Coils of The Serpent" - Staff meetings in Cobra America
  • February 24 - "Fix It Over Kill" - Cobra Commander addresses the B.A.T. issue
  • November 5 - "Ask an Expert" - Dust Devil continues to work with Jetfire in the aerospace division. Scales comes by with a medical and ethical problem.


Jul 22 - AAR: Broca Beach Boardwalk

< Cobra Sigil fades to Bones' bony face > As I was checking out the Golden Asp casino at the boardwalk in Broca Beach, New Jersey I overheard Zarana speaking of going fishing for sharks. After acquiring some dynamite Zarana launched Over Kill into the water to serve as bait. After a time a great white shark emerged from the ocean with Over Kill's weapons system fused to it's head. I have decided to... adopt... the shark as part of my crew for the time being, though it will be available should anyone else need assistance. Bones, out. < The video ends with Bones laughing maniacally with the Jaws theme playing in the background >

September 22 - "Cobra Space Camp"

Cobra is going into space, and that means all hands to Space Camp!

September 22 - "Cobra Flight Training"

Cobra trainees are set up in Cobra's version of the Vomit Comet.

Dec 10 - AAR: Oil Tanker Raid

>*Bones's bloody visage appears on the screen*<

Earlier this evening Ratcatcher and I, along with my crew, set out aboard my Tiger Ray. With help from Zarana, who was undercover onboard the vessel, we tracked down an oil tanker carrying a full supply. Between myself, Ratcatcher, Zarana and my crew we managed to neutralize the crew and took out the commtower to prevent our raid being detected by the Joes. The ship has been transported and secured and now it awaits offloading and the sale of our take. I leave the decision of what shall happen to the ship itself to people better suited to such decision. Bones out.

>*Bones's visage disappears as the transmission ends*<



Feb 22 - Visitor

>*The image of James Worth appears on screen*<

Last night we had a visitor to Cobra Island. Or, rather, she crash landed on the island. *picture of Ghost on the tarmac, everything done that can be done to conceal her* This is the Decepticon known as Ghost. Interrogator, Zarana and myself, along with an ally of Interrogator's, ran into her and another mech on the freighter that was floating above Earth. She is apparently in hiding and she crashed on our doorstep because she was out of fuel. I had the airstrip bring two very large barrels of jet fuel to her which Cobra has already been reimbursed for. Before she could refuel and depart from the island, her systems shut down and I took it upon myself to conceal her existence on the island to the best of our abilities. Now I don't really know much about beings like Ghost so I have no idea if there might be a way to track her specifically so we will wish to keep our eyes peeled for possible other visitors. I want to make sure she is fully fueled before allowing her to continue. Commander, I think there is a business opportunity here if we are willing to go for it before she leaves but I leave that decision to you. Captain Worth, out. *screen fades to black*

Feb 27 - Update

>*text update from Bones*<

We recently had a breach of our communications network from a mercenary by the name of Soundblaster. He was supposedly looking for fuel and parts. Having found his direct contact with us instead of a general broadcast for such supplies to be odd I decided to breach the subject with our visitor. She told me that he is a communications expert, which explains how he was able to hack our network, and that he is NOT to be trusted. She said that he is even worse than the Decepticons when it comes to turning on a contract and that he is a danger. He is described as looking like Soundwave but black and gold. She provided a data-pack with stills and voice samples. I told him when he asked I would have to ask the Commander about procuring his supplies.

>*included with the update is the aforementioned data-pack*<


Preferred Vehicle


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