Transformers Universe MUX
This page is for the dumb brute Autobot Blitzkrieg. For his heroic counterpart, see Blitzkrieg.

"Yes, Master."

BLITZKRIEG is a big, dumb brute, useless for any missions beside things like “Kill,” “Protect,” and “Retrieve.” As one of Alpha Trion's minions, he serves as the Old One’s bodyguard and henchman. Although intellectually and physically slow, he makes up for it with massive strength and thick armor. Fiercely loyal to Alpha Trion, if asked he’ll dispassionately kill anyone for his boss, any time, without hesitation or thought -- even if it was his beloved sister Aegis, one of the few beings for which Blitzkrieg has any feelings whatsoever.

Blitzkrieg carries a massive proton cannon in robot mode, and has an emplacement of mini-missiles in each shoulder. In tank mode, he can fire shells to near line-of-sight range; farther if someone else spots for him. He tends to be rather slow in both modes, however, and can be pinned down easily if he wanders too far. His communications systems are easily damaged, a significant weakness because he was programmed with none of his sister Aegis's sense of strategy. He tends to charge into battle without thinking, and can easily get himself in over his head without his Alpha Trion's direct guidance.


MUX History

In March of 2012, Alpha Trion successfully tracked the Old One to his hidden lab, where the evil sage was waiting. Backed by his henchman Blitzkrieg, the Old One attacked Alpha Trion with his Terminus Blade, critically injuring him before being driven back by Dust Devil and Firestar. After the Old One's face was shattered by Dust Devil's Ebony Blade, the Old One retreated with Blitzkrieg's aid, leaving the Terminus Blade behind.