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Blast-Off is a Decepticon Space Warrior. For the G.I. Joe character see Blast-Off.
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I destroy Autobots by choice, not command.

Blast Off doesn't need a write-up in some pathetic, grubby little human database. It might matter to some robots what others think of them, or if they think of them at all, but Blast Off couldn't care less. No, he's literally and figuratively above your average Cybertronian riff-raff. The other Combaticons could completely forget he's up here, orbiting so far above the Earth, distant and alone... with only the cold, empty void for company... and he couldn't care less. No, certainly not.

Lesser robots could hardly understand the joy... yes, that's it, the joy, he finds in efficiently and remorselessly annihilating targets from such a great distance. Blast Off was quite simply "built better" than the rest, you see, and so needs nothing from those tiny beings moving about so... so very... far away below. Blast Off... Blast Off is quite happy with his superior position, yes, quite happy and... and quite alone.

Blast Off condescends to combine with his fellow Combaticons to form Bruticus.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Blast Off was originally forged in Altihex.

Blast Off's shuttle mode

Blast Off was one of several Decepticon political prisoners who were "liberated" by Starscream. Somehow he turned from the chassis of a World War II bomber to a Space Shuttle once he was activated. He would probably place this on him being a sophisticated Transformer.

Unfortunately, Blast Off's new body lacked an energy absorber, an "oversight" Starscream used to control him and his fellow Combaticons. In return for the vital components (taken from captured Transformers), Blast Off helped Starscream lead his latest coup against Megatron. The coup almost succeeded, until the Stunticons interfered, leading to Blast Off's (and the rest of the brigade's) exile on a distant asteroid.

His exile would prove to be short-lived. With Blast Off providing the locomotion, the Combaticons returned to Cybertron, where they defeated Shockwave and his drone army. It took a temporary Autobot-Decepticon alliance to defeat the Combaticons, and the Autobots believed them destroyed after Cybertron's sort-of liberation. In reality, Megatron had Bruticus (and thus, Blast Off, we guess) reprogrammed to be more loyal.

MUX History:

Blast Off once left Swindle on the moon out of sheer annoyance.

On Labor Day, 2013, Blast Off took part in destroying the LA Quintesson Spiral from within.

In 2021, Blast Off was assigned to guard construction of a Decepticon Warp Gate.

AFK. Wine break.

OOC Notes


Blast Off is from Altihex.

He is a sophisticated mech, therefore he is quite the enerwine connoisseur. Anything cultured and classy! He may be a fierce Combaticon warrior, but he has *taste* and it's important to him that this is recognized!

ABoffWineWWsig - Copy.jpg

This Blast Off, being a shuttle, is also quite large, towering over most of his teammates.



assault on Offutt Air Force Base. The Autobots send Grimlock and Snarl to assist in the counter-attack, and the Decepticons take the opportunity to perform research and reconnaissance.

  • October 12 - "Go Get Some Kaff" - Highly skilled intelligence analyst Floodlight is... sent to get Kaff
  • 9/2 - "The Trial" - Several of Earth's defenders have been captured by the Quintessons for

one of their classic show trials. Just a showy way of executing their prisoners, the Quintessons have been putting on these displays for thousands of years. This time, though, they may have picked the wrong prisoners to execute.

taken his revenge. The destruction has fed back through the Space Bridge network, destroying all the Spirals, save for the Bellum. Cut off from their allies, the Quintessons mount a fierce defense against Earth's last assault against them.







  • 1/3 - "Asking For An Incident" - A fight between breaks out between Imager and Soundwave, and spills out of control when Starlock tries to stop it, and get them to talk civilly.
  • 1/9 - "Fairy tales" - Blast Off meets a mysterious Neutral who offers him tea and conversation.
  • 3/10 - "Radio Panic - Darkmount" - An explosion to happen on the Decepticon communications link,

but Blast Off has other priorities!

  • May 13 - "Altihex Assault: Labs" - Valour leads an assault on Altihex so the Decepticons can seize the research in its labs. Deathsaurus chooses that moment to grandstand.
  • May 22 - "Space Chase" - Cosmos and Blast Off meet up close for the first time. The Combaticon takes an interest in this small minibot spacer.
  • 7/29 - "Freedom's Favour" - Starlock talks to Blast off and Vortex regarding the fact they are no longer

under Megatron's control, and Blast Off gets a response regarding an offered favour,

that he wasn't expecting.
  • August 28 - "Treachery among Friends" - Omen puts pieces together and realizes the depth of the treachery surrounding Starlock and the Combaticons situation.
  • September 28 - "Thirsty on Main" - Swindle journeys to Valvolux to talk to Takedown about his 'issue'.
  • Oct 14 - "Kai The Mystery Spark" - Kai Spark who are you! Or What.. Swindle lets himself into Arachnae's lab to check on the spark-in-a-box that had been left there. Arachnae works more to discover who or what the spark now called 'Kai' is.

Nov 09 - Encounter with Hot Rod at Winding Roadway

>*A brief audio message can be heard as Blast Off speaks*< "Roadkill and I conducted a patrol in the Manganese Mountains today. We encountered Hot Rod running roughshod over the terrain as if he owned the place. We quickly disillusioned him of that idea and sent him packing, sans several key parts of his anatomy. Blast Off out." *audio ends*


Feb 28 - Patrol

Blockade and I were on patrol duty, protecting sector *coordinates given* from Autobot interference. Encountered Autobots Hot Rod and ...some flying car thing-a-ma-bob...thingy. *ahem* We sent them on their way. Blockade, when he *actually pays attention*, did some decent shooting at the end, to my surprise. That's all. Nothing else to say. At all.

>*mutters something about... 'Now excuse me while I get to the shooting range, that was *unacceptable, I will NOT miss again....*'<

Jun 15 - Megatron is Lost (but not my fault)

>*Blast Off appears onscreen, clears his throat, twitches a tailfin, and then straightens himself up and speaks with his usual snootiness*<

"Several troops of Decepticons, led by our great leader, Megatron, surged into space this fine eve to prevent Calyhex, a Titan, from escaping the planet. The Autobots, the miserable hooligans that they are, were of course there to throw a wrench into that work. We met them with ample aplomb, especially me, and were staving off our foes when, unfortunately, the warship and the Autobot's started heading towards the space warp gate."
"Now I, the loyal and fearless Decepticon that I am, immediately rushed to our great and powerful leader's rescue, but I was, alas, just a fraction of a second too late. I arrived just in time to see Optimus Prime throw Megatron into the void. Where Megatron is now, I do not know, but I realized if I got lost into that same void and ended up who knows where then, well, I'd be *totally* unable and unavailable to help search for him, now wouldn't I? Why, I would indeed. That just wouldn't do. So you can see, it is totally NOT my fault. *ahem*

Blast Off's violet optics flicker once or twice and he rolls his shoulders back, maintaining an aloof and regal state. Or trying to. He clasps black hands together and draws in a vent. "And that's... that. Apparently... Starscream *there's just a *hint* of disdain somewhat masked in there* is now our leader until Megatron returns. Which... I'm sure he will. It'll be fine. FINE. Yes. Oh, and of course, you know, if there's a need for leadership, Onslaught and the Combaticons would be happy to help."

>*he nods to the camera, fingers fidgeting, then turns to turn it off*<

  • October 30 - "Is This The Real Life" - Something odd happens to a handful of scattered cybertronians. But was it really a dream?

Nov 05 - Ultrix Destroyed-Movor's Footage

Blast Off can be seen standing in a cargo bay even bigger than he is, expression mostly aloof as usual, but slightly worn by fatigue, and perhaps something else. "As ordered, I went up into orbit after the strike on Ultrix with the Autobot, Starlock, to see if we could find what happened and who attacked Ultrix. Who attacked US. We did not find any direct or immediate answers, but did encounter Movor, who had been patrolling in the area, and who was disoriented and in need of assistance, which we provided. He also provided this firsthand report. Please ignore the questionable taste in music and focus on the burst of light, which... might have been some sort of small ship?" He pauses to hit play on the recording, which then fills the screen.

From Movor:



"... upper... Looks like... to watch... advise aerial... report in... it... Or stay... ground."

There is a flash-fire, and it -looks- like it was from orbit based on the angle but it could've been in the upper atmosphere too. There is something, that almost looks like a ship - small, a glimpse of orange - but then there is a titanic blast, and the craft of whatever it was is gone. The music continues, "UNDERNEATH THE STREETLIGHTS, EVERYTHING IS LARGER THAN LIFE"...

The recording continues for a short while afterwards, some of the warnings from planetside coming through, then stops.

and what possible could be afoot, only to be joined by Ratchet and Cerebros.


Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Blast Off is probably a very humble 'bot.

What If? Universes

Bot World

In Bot World, Blast Off, like the rest of the Combaticons, has allied himself with Starscream.


electrawoman played Blast Off in 2004.

Blast Off was later played by Drake Fenwick, and is now played by Boff.


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