Blast-Off is a G.I. Joe character. For the Decepticon Space Warrior, see Blast Off.
Personal information
Real Name

Jeffery D. Thompson


Kirkwood, Missouri




Cpl Blast-Off

Military information
Service branch

United States Marines

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS



0 - E-4 - Corporal



Organizational information

G.I. Joe


Mega Marines


Pre-MUX History

Born in Kirkwood, Missouri, Jeffery Thompson grew up to become one of the foremost firefighters in the state. After nearly single-handedly putting out a forest fire after other firefighters had long succumbed to heat and smoke inhalation, Thompson was approached by Gung-Ho to join a special squad of Mega-Marines to hunt the monstrous creations of Dr. Mindbender. Thompson worked with the Joes for a year, starting in 1993, adopting the codename Blast-Off. In 1993, he was made a member of the Mega Marines, and given special Bio-Armor, a breakthrough in bio-mechanical armament.

In 1994, Blast-Off returned to firefighting, but remains on call if the Joes need him.

MUX History

In 2011, Blast-Off was called up for search & rescue operations during the Great Flood, and has since been assigned to the Pit for safety and security detail. In 2013, Blast-Off received zero-G combat training and was assigned as fire-control officer for Star Brigade in addition to his other duties.

OOC Notes

Since Blast-Off was recruited by Gung-Ho to be a Mega-Marine, on the MUX he is a member of the Marines.

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