This article is about the Autobot sentry - for the evil Recordabot from Shattered Glass, see Blackcat (SG).

Blackcat is an Autobot Mini-Cassette.

This is all you'll ever see of me!

Blackcat is, despite his name, green. He seems to spend most of his time in the Ark making puzzles.


Transformers Comic-Magazin

Blackcat was on night watch duty in the Ark. Bored, he used the computer to create a puzzle featuring a red and yellow truck attacking a strangely colored Blurr. Transformers Comic-Magazin #18


  • Blackcat's appearance is traced from a panel in The Last Stand. Traced artwork of Ravage that ISN'T his package art/model sheet? What madness is this, Germany?
  • Blackcat enjoys making puzzles and can use computers. Being a Ravage redeco, he has no opposable thumbs. Poor guy.
  • Blackcat seems to be an Autobot sentry, posted at the Ark. He spends his time making puzzles. He pretends to work, they pretend to pay him.
  • Is Blackcat a Mini-Cassette? Maybe!
  • A green Ravage-type with red forepaws appears on the covers of Transformers Comic-Magazin #4 and #6. Could these be other appearances of Blackcat?
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