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Black Shadow is a Decepticon space gangster.

Some people call me the Space Gangster/Some call me the Cowboy of Love...

Hailing from somewhere beyond the Milky Way galaxy, Black Shadow (ブラックシャドー Burakku Shadō) is a vile gangster whose skills in robbery, extortion and murder are available to anyone who can meet his price. He is loyal only to the highest bidder; even the Decepticons are loath to work with him that often, as they can never be sure he won't betray them in mid-job if he gets a better offer. In jet mode, he can devastate buildings around him with powerful sonic shockwaves by breaking the sound barrier while flying at low altitudes, a technique he calls his "Sonic Boomer Attack".

His partner in crime is Blue Bacchus, a gunman with a similar personality and moral fiber who looks up to him. The pair's partnership has made them infamous throughout space, and there is a massive bounty on their heads, but Black Shadow would actually kill Blue Bacchus without remorse if the situation demanded it.

He is also known as Sky Shadow.


In 2016, Counterpunch interrupted Black Shadow's deal-making in the Jump Joint, disrupting his operations and handing him over to the bouncer. Black Shadow escaped repercussions from his actions, but has not forgotten Counterpunch's interference.


  • In Japanese, Black Shadow's function reads "Uchū Gyangu" (宇宙ギャング), which translates to "Space Gangster". The common misconception that he is a member of the "Space Mafia" is due to a mistranslation some years ago in which "gangster" was interpreted as "Mafia". Big difference.
  • The Crossformers' ID numbers are actually a huge jump backwards in the numbering system. The other Victory Decepticons' numbers start at D-322. However, Shadow and Bacchus' numbers put them right in the middle of the Super-God Masterforce Decepticons' numbers, between 1988's Browning and BlackZarak, even though the Crossformers were released in 1989. What the hell?
  • While "Sky Shadow" is the name of the Generations figure on its card and elsewhere, Walmart's product database listed the figure as "BLCKSHAD" and printed as such on the receipt.
  • On TFUMUX, Black Shadow is not a Pretender.

Foreign names

  • English: Thunderwing (Omni Productions dub)
  • Russian: Gromovoy (Громовой, "Thunderous")


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