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The Black Major
Personal information
Real Name

John Shepard


United Kingdom


Schwarzer Major, Wilder Vaughn

Military information
Service branch

Infantry and Armored Division


AK-47 assault rifle

Organizational information

Red Shadows; Royal Marines (Former)

The Black Major is a member of the Red Shadows and second-in-command to Baron Ironblood. He is a dedicated and ruthless follower, as well as a Brilliant military commander and tactician. In battle and in person he seems Totally emotionless. No matter the request, The Black Major carries out Baron Ironblood's orders without question.


Pre-MUX History

John Shepard in his Royal Marines winter gear

Limited information is given in to his background on the file cards that accompanied the action figure although it is variously believed that he was either a traitor from Action Force (as a former British Special Boat Service marine commando) or was otherwise a captive of Baron Ironblood, subsequently brainwashed into:

"a dedicated and ruthless follower. Brilliant military commander and tactician. Totally emotionless. The Black Major carries out Baron Ironblood's orders without question."

His primary military specialty is stated as "Combat Control" though all other information is classed as Classified. However, his real name is referred to a number of times in his extensive back story.

Court martialled in absentia by his former Royal Marine unit and disowned by his family following his treachery, his name is derived from the Spanish phrase el comandante negro, which was shouted at him by Andean soldiers in his first engagement for the Red Shadows.

MUX History

John Shepard was captured by Cobra and brainwashed by Dr. Mindbender into the Black Major. In 2016, The Black Major helped Abdi Ali capture an oil survey ship, the Aden Explorer, off the coast of Africa. A week later G.I. Joe took the ship back over, but the Black Major was able to escape in the Roboskull.



  • August 1 - "8-1-2012" - Dr. Mindbender teaches Interrogator the basic use of the Brainwave Scanner while Artemis and Angel carry out their mission - The Black Major is born



In West Germany, he is known as the Schwarzer Major.


In his initial brainwashing sequence, John Shepard was temped by bzero. He is currently temped by SydneyGB.

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