The elusive and shadowy BLACK DRAGON NINJA forces have been secretly brainwashed by DR. MINDBENDER to guard COBRA COMMANDER in case the Arashikage clan ninjas ever decide to take control of COBRA for themselves. But it's not that easy to fool the suspicious STORM SHADOW. He discovered the brainwash commands and used the Arashikage "Atsui Nami" deep mind control technique to overwrite the evil doctor's subliminal commands. Now the BLACK DRAGON NINJA forces outwardly act as if their allegiance is to COBRA COMMANDER, but in reality, they are loyal only to STORM SHADOW.

We are swift and silent, shadows in the darkest hour of night, unseen by you until we strike.


The technology-focused Black Dragon organization despised ninjas and low-tech martial arts techniques, but Cobra Commander nevertheless sought to harness the infiltration skill of the Black Dragon Troopers obtained through his agreement with the international saboteurs, in hope of ultimately replacing both Firefly and Storm Shadow. His plan backfired as Black Dragon, Firefly, and Storm Shadow all quickly (and independently) discovered or surmised the Commander's plot. They therefore act as double, triple, and even quadruple agents within the Cobra organization.


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