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This article is about the bleeding-pump Shattered Glass reporter - for his marginally-heroic Autobot counterpart, see Bishop.
Bishop is an Autobot pundit.

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Bishop is a journalist pundit trying to get the new Around Cybertron and ABN established as top names in Autobot news programming. He also serves as a mentor to up and coming younger journalists.


Wings Universe

Shattered Glass MUX History

Bishop covered the Battle of Decepticon City, and almost got killed for it.




  • Bishop transforms into an "Expedition Coupe", though in his younger days he called it a "Quad-Exhaust, Turbo-Charged Hyper-Cruiser".[1]
  • Bishop is Rook's mentor. Feel free to groan at the pun.


In 2018, Bishop was played by DreadTread.


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