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This article is about the Cobra SAW-Viper - for the Autobot Micro Transformer, see Bigshot.

"See and you can know, know and you can destroy."

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Big Shot is a Cobra Squad Automatic Weapon specialist.
Big Shot
Personal information
Real Name

Michael Serra


Los Angeles, California



Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Primary MOS

Squad Automatic Weapon specialist; Heavy weapons; Senior Gunner

Secondary MOS

Rotary-wing aircraft pilot; Reconnaissance


Machine Pistol; Assault Rifle; Sub-machine gun; Heavy machine gun; Bazooka; AT4; RPK-16

Organizational information




Big Shot is a SAW-Viper, as well as the right gunner of Interrogator's personal Mamba. Although he is the Mamba One's senior gunner, he has a laid back, Californian surfer tone.

Once you're in our line of sight, you can't escape. Accept the inevitable and surrender.

The S.A.W.-Viper is equipped with a gyro-stabilized, cryogenically-cooled, mini-chain gun, scoped with an infrared night-vision, auto-ranging, optical sighting system. This means he has a highly accurate, low malfunction machine gun that doesn't burn out the barrell during intense rapid-fire bursts. It's nothing for him to zone-in on a flea nestled in heavy brush over 800 yards away, in pitch darkness and pick it off in one shot!

"You definitely don't want to get pinned down by a S.A.W.-Viper at night. His weapon has an integral sound suppressor, an effective flash inhibitor, and a powerful image-intensifier. With all that, you won't even know you're being shot at until you hear the sonic boom from the bullet whipping past your ear!"


Big Shot looks like he should be on a recruiting poster.


Big Shot was born Michael Serra in Los Angeles California to a working class Hippy family, but was attracted to guns and violence. He ran the streets and beaches with a surfer gang as a teenager until the gang leader got arrested and the gang broke up. After his father died, Big Shot joined Cobra because of a charismatic recruiter who said he would be able to provide a better life for Big Shot's mother and himself.

SAW-Viper Gargoyle was chosen to be the left gunner of Interrogator's personal Mamba. He's currently being trained to fly the Mamba, and may be eventually promoted to Gyro-Viper.




Notable SAW-Vipers

Preferred Vehicles


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SAW-Vipers start as Vipers and are generally more infantry-focused.

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