Beta 4, or Beta IV, is five planets up from Beta-Nine in the Beta System. Kup has been to both, apparently, and fighting Scourge and Cyclonus seems to remind him of one of his battles at either planet. According to Kup, Beta 4 has some incredibly thick dust and is inhabited by Ick-Yaks.


The Transformers cartoon

Kup encountered with a gigantic Ick-Yak on Beta 4. The Transformers: The Movie


  • In the original script for The Transformers: The Movie (and the comic adaptation of the film), some more details of the battle of Beta 4 are revealed. Kup fought the battle alongside Ultra Magnus, against Decepticons led by Megatron. The battle's climax involved the Autobots escaping Decepticon pursuit by blowing up an asteroid, the fragments of which flew out and shattered other asteroids, creating a chaotic storm of rocks and dust that jammed the Decepticons' sensors and allow the Autobots to make their getaway. In the script and comic adaptation, when the Autobots leave Autobot City under Decepticon attack, Ultra Magnus recalls this technique and suggests using it again. When the Autobots successfully escape, Galvatron furiously recalls the last time he was the victim of the trick. It was this re-use of their old manoeuvre that prompted Kup to start telling the Dinobots the story of the battle.
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