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Beta is a Autobot rebel from the Quintesson World universe.
G1 Beta

Beta -— Sexier than Elita One, more kickass than Arcee. The original model makes her debut... Arcee totally stole her weapon idea.

The gravelly-voiced Beta began existence as one of the Quintessons' many robotic slaves. She would not remain so. In the course of time she became a warrior, armed with a powerful crossbow weapon, and standing beside her partner A-3 she would be a leader in the rebellion that tried to free Cybertron from its Quintesson masters.


Quintesson World

The night before the climactic battle with the Quintessons, Beta found that A-3 and his Coder Remote had gone missing. With the remote's ability to override the Dark Guardians necessary for a victory, Beta went searching for her missing counterpart. A-3 was unable to return with the Remote in time, and the rebellion was lost. Beta went underground, gathering the remnants of the Autobot forces in Haven.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Beta (ベータ Bēta)
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