Beorht is a human wizard from 6th century Britain.

The wizard Beorht resides in Britain[1] during the 6th century AD. He is the creator of the Dragon Mound, a mystical artifact capable of time travel, and may have also invented gunpowder, albeit in the form of Dragon's Bane.

Beorht is capable of communicating with the owl Solomon and can invoke the sky god Tyrwas for aid. Among other things, he carries with him a supply of dismembered rat tails (ew).


The Transformers cartoon canon

A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court

At some point before 543 AD, Beorht created a mystic artifact capable of sending someone through time. Unfortunately, a wandering dragon decided to use the cave containing it as a home, rendering the device essentially inaccessible. The beast's new lair eventually became known as the Dragon Mound.

Wandering the forests near the lands of Sir Aetheling the Red and Sir Wigend du Blackthorne, Beorht was found by Solomon the owl. Feeding the owl a rat tail, the wizard got Solomon to inform him that Princess Nimue had been kidnapped by giant metal knights, which interested Beorht enough to investigate.

Beorht soon discovered that the metal knight called "Lord Starscream" threatened to conquer their land and that the good metal knights were low on something called "energy". Opting to help, Beorht called upon Tyrwas, God of the Sky, causing the heavens to darken quickly. Using his staff as a conduit, Beorht channeled lightning into the fallen Autobots, energizing them enough to battle.

Following the Autobot victory, Beorht learned that Sir Hoist and his compatriots were time-travelers. Concluding that they came through his time-travel device, he led the Autobots and Decepticons to the Dragon Mound—where, unfortunately, the dragon had returned from visiting his relatives. Thankfully, Beorht had his Dragon's Bane with him, which Sir Warpath used to frighten off the beast.

With Sir Aetheling, Sir Wigend and Princess Nimue, Beorht wished the travelers off as they departed for 1985.


  • "Beorht" is an early Old English / Anglo-Saxon form of the modern English word "bright".
  • The dialogue script for "A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court" reveals a dropped subplot where the Decepticons destroy a tower belonging to Beorht.[1]
  • Beorht totally uses magic.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Beorhd (ベオード Beōdo)


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