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For those really big wine bottles.

The Quintesson spiral Bellum is A Quintesson Cruiser.


The Quintesson Cruiser is the quintessential Quintesson spacecraft, and it is often simply referred to as "the" Quintesson Ship.

The Quintesson Cruiser spins on its axis as it moves through space. Though its unique design means it's best served by a planetary starbase with a cradle capable of receiving it, the Quintesson Cruiser is capable of burrowing tail first into the ground and balancing with the aid of a landing stabilizers.

The most physically massive of the Quintesson spacecraft, the Quintesson Cruiser dwarfs the Autobot Sky Lynx, and has a docking bay large enough to accommodate a Quintesson Warship.

The Quintesson Cruiser is equipped with energy cannon, a sophisticated broadcasting array and a camouflage unit that can engulf the ship in an innocent-looking cosmic dust cloud.

MUX History

The Bellum is to be used as the primary attack cruiser and capital ship during the Quintesson invasion of Earth. It was used to deploy the Seacons to Earth, using drop-pods launched from a smaller Quintesson Warship. The Bellum was the only spiral to survive the Dweller's destruction of the space bridge hub into which they had been tied. It was subsequently destroyed by a joint assault in its vulnerable state.


The Bellum was owned by Acerbitas.

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