Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Beast Tribes: Predator/Predator Relationships

Characters: Dizzy Hush Pest (BT) Spike Witwicky (AU) Hellbear (BT) Fluffy (BT) Swoop, Tomorrow (AU)

Location: The High Hill/Tomorrow's Cave

Date: Beast Era

TP: Beast Tribes

Summary: Praetor's tribe sets fire to the Mammo's camp. The heroes attempt to fend them off and retrieve the wounded

As logged by The enigmatic Tomorrow


< Dizzy >

The hab slab feels a bit rough. and when your optics open, you don't exactly feel recharged as well as normal. What's really weird is that's not the ceiling of your barracks room. Your body feels weird, and its far too bright in here. A cursory self examination shows that your body is not what it was last formatted as. Perhaps a bit spindlier in robot mode with odd parts to it. You're in a room with four slabs in it. From your expert construction opinion, its ramshackle at best, with a doorway that has so much light pouring into the little room with you.

The Ionic Valley - Beast Tribes

The Ionic Valley is a hub of civilization. While no means is it safe and secure, most of the major tribes and figures tend to stay in the valley itself. Formed from some sort of great impact eons ago, the valley seems to be a caldera of some sort, with a frighteningly high ridge covering three-quarters of the valley. This ridge has given the valley a sense of security and safety. Sometimes holes can be found in the valley, showing that there are ancient ruins far below.

Hellbear_BT stretches out a bit as she keeps looking at Tommorow, a deep rumbling growl escaping her as she simply stares at the other predator.

<< Fluffy, Hellbear, Pest >>

In the great crystalline cave of Leonidas, Tomorrow matches the Hellbear's gaze as she stalks about, her spear in hand "AIf you've given in...then you are no better than a beast." She raises up her spear, "I hunt beasts..." With the disappearance of Leonidas, only you all are left in the crystaline cave with Tomorrow...

Fluffy-BT wakes up and....yep, still an owl. Was he ever anything else? Memory is fuzzy. Or fluffy, whatev. The owlbot turns his head around 180 degrees and studies where he is with a soft chirrupy hoot.

Dizzy opens his eyes he stretches a lot like an animal would in fact he is an animal or more in beast form. He not very big and not the most dangest for as he is a cute little racoon

Hellbear_BT rocks backwards onto her hindlegs and moves to her full height, rolling her shoulders a bit as she keeps that low growl.. optics never leaving Tommorow as well as small puffs of smoke and flame arching from her on various points of her body.. the hellbear not backing down in the slightest and not looking even remotely scared or worried. Finally one paw curls upwards, almost beckoning Tommorow to her.

Tomorrow drops down onto all fours, her kibble coming up over her as she reverts into a large Ferrus hound, with a thick wiry mane. The Ferrus hound leaps forward to Hellbear raking as it goes by.

>> Tomorrow strikes Hellbear_BT with Rake. <<

<<Everyone else who is not Fluffy, Hellbear, or Pest>>

The wide open plain of the Ionic Valley is a peaceful setting, though life and death happen here daily, but that peace is disrupted by a throng of no less than thirty figures racing across the plain. From those up high in the Roost, they're heading straight across to that High Hill where smoke was spotted earlier. For everyone else, the crowd of figures is very distant, but noticeable.

Dizzy still has not notice his new form or the new instincts of his form has taken hold of him stronger then normal. He notice the dust cloud and climbs up a tree and looks down from a branch. It's only then that he notice he not a cement mixer. Confuse he looks down at his hands or more paws, "what in the name of prime?"

Hellbear_BT drops back to all four as Tomorrow charges forward, landing on all four and barely seems to notice as she is raked across her side, instead her growls rises in volume and throws her body sideways as she tries to knock the charging Femme down before she can pass.

From around some rocks near the cave entrance, Swoop appears, though not the usual Swoop.. nope. This one is a huge tyrantosaur that would rival Grimlock. Spotting Dizzy, he looks up. "Ahhh, new friend! You just wake up too?"

>> Hellbear_BT misses Tomorrow with Bear Hands. <<

Fluffy-BT is up on a perch somewhere, watching this unfold. The owl's head turns another full circle the other way. Hooot? He flinches as a fight ensues, scooting back slightly, then peering... owlishly... from the safety of his perch. Someone speaks and he turns his head to peer at them. "P...rime?" The word is familiar. He doesn't like it, but he's struggling to remember why.

Tomorrow rolls off to the side, actually leaving the cave, her back to the outside as she avoids the slamming motion of the Hellbear. The Ferrus Hound lowers its head...


From the plains, there's suddenly a streak of fire! Raining down from the sky like a hellish meteor, a ball of fire just comes down from above and explodes, hitting the High Hill, where the Mammo Tribe (which most of you have met) live. The explosive sound echos through the normally quiet plain, birds fly up and away, animals scatter. Smoke rises....the Mammo Tribe is in danger.

Dizzy looks at the owl that just talked and his nose sniffs in that direction, "well around you a sight? What am I, and how did I get this mode?" He ask the owl before the explodion happens, "what in the sp.... sp..... spark?" is that the right word it feels right but why is it so hard to remember?

The High Hill - Home of the Mammo Tribe

The High Hill is in flames. As fire streaks in from the sky, pounding the area relentlessly, tents are destroyed, the makeshift buildings have collapsed, and the fires rage out of control. This is bound to be the end of the Mammo tribe.


The camp for the Mammo tribe is not a huge one, but its in flames, all the shelter, the energon, the weapons of the tribe are burning. Figures flee from the camp, only to be cut down by the hooting, spear-toting warriors from across the way. Smoke fills the air, and assuredly figures were caught in the buildings and tents when the fireball hit....

Spears clash on spears, the hunter Chakri engages two others, as javelins come in. The hunter is not a warrior however, and gets stuck with both, but he has chosen his end. To fight, not to flee.

Hush's flight brings her closer and closer to the mess of flames, smoke and.. apparently war. The owl hrrrs, not knowing any of those below, resorting to remaining in the sky and circling.

<OOC> Tomorrow says, "SKILL CHALLENGE: Options: Put out the Fires 0/20 pts. Find the wounded 0/25 Fight the Raiders 0/50"

Swoop-BT crests the top of the hill and sees the village under attack. His eyes flash with rage as he targets one of the nearest raiders, and with a tremendous leap, his massive jaws open to deal some beastial justice.

Fluffy-BT nearly falls off his perch as disaster hits. As Dizzy speaks, the owl turns to look at them. He's silent a moment before answering in a rusty warble, "I... do not... know. WHO are you?" He turns his head upside down. "WHOOOO?" But it seems something is going on outside, so the owl suddenly raises his wings and takes flight to see. The owl will stay at a distance if possible, trying to gauge the situation -and the danger. Especially that fire... the fire threatens everyone, including him.

Hellbear_BT lets out one of her loudest ever as she see's the chaos that ensures from the strike, the fire and so much more. Something about her stance changes, shifts.. gone is that laziness, in it's place a very pissed off Bear. She chargs forward, that roar still echoing as she simple charges pass Tommorow and barrels right at and into the closest raiders she can get and aiming to help those 'friends' that look in the most trouble.

GAME: Hellbear_BT PASSES a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

Tomorrow rolls aside, and is just about to take the Hellbear's hamstring, when she sees what the others had seen, and moves in to follow along towards the Hill.

Tomorrow Swoop's new altmode is many things, but not fast. Lacking his flight ability, it takes him a while to trek in. Meanwhile the rest of the heroes from outside time approach the same scene. Whether their goal is to save the dying, or to assault the raiders, and get questions as to that strange fire ball, the scene is of chaos. Another figure gets speared in the chest, and goes down. Crude rocks are thrown forward, pelting at the Mammo tribe menbers, others flee backwards into the hill...And then the Hellbear bowls in and draws attention, fire from her mouth, spears and sharpened javelins pelt at her as more figures move in, swarming the warrior!

Hush grinds her beak, banking through and around the heavier spirals of smoke. The owl gives a shake of her head, tucks wings and -dives-!

Towards the tents and huts, optics widening, ear 'tufts' raising as she tries to seek out movement from within, intent on rescue.

GAME: Hush PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Pest_Bt has been gliding, angling himself to try and get enough height to survey the situation before spying a being about to enter one of the huts of some of his favorite clan friends. Seeing them in danger, he narrows his eyes and drawing up his courage, sleeks himself into a dive, arrowing straight for the attacker in the hopes of giving his friends a chance to escape.

GAME: Pest_Bt PASSES a COURAGE roll of Very High difficulty.

Swoop-BT charges from the crest of the hill, heading towards the swarm of raiders, his jaws snapping at any raider he can find. Justice, and dinner, at the same time. Win win, in his mind. GAME: Swoop-BT FAILS an AGILITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

Fluffy-BT catches sight of... is that another owl? The owl bot with the disc-shaped pale face again turns his head to peer at her, but another loud noise refocuses his attention on the matter at hand... right. Fire surges below him and he squints at it, noticing where it's coming from. The fire... could head for the cave, and that might threaten his roosting site, so... the owl swoops down, grabs a clump of dirt on his claws and flies up, then lets it fall, attempting to snuff out some of the flame. He does this a few times, then heads towards the raiders with an optic-er, eye- on their fire-producing *weapon*.

GAME: Fluffy-BT PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

Hellbear_BT stomps a few more times on the raiders she had bowled over, ensuring a bit of fire is added to each stomp. She rears up on her hindlegs again and releases another loud roar, though this one is not intended to strike fear, it's tones taking on a almost commanding edge, to give those fighting the idea that they are not alone and to not give up or surrender.

She falls back down onto all four with as much weight as she can to smuch those raiders under her yet again before she charges forward, again angling towards the biggest cluster of threatened Mammo tribe, the loud threatening roaring returning as she -coughs- bears down on more raiders, making zero effort at dodging and almost outright /daring/ them to attack her instead of the villagers.

GAME: Hellbear_BT PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of Very High difficulty.

Hush hears motion within the smoke and the flames, and draws her attention towards one of the makeshift shelters. Metal sheets had been put over on the side. There's life still on the other side of it, but the metal is starting to catch flame. There's also someone else within the inverted big pot by the fire.

Pest rakes into a raider that has a large rock, and knocks them down before the rock can be hurled at the Hellbear. More throwing sticks are hurled forth, into the camp, at the fire bear. Anyone astute in military science might think this is a bit more organized than expected for this time frame...

Swoop does some groundpounding, and chases a few raiders who flee from him, those big feet romping and stomping. He catches one, and brings him to a quick demise.

Fluffy lands, and starts putting out some of the fire next to Hush, as he maintains his visual acuity as any good marksman must, and scans the further back raiders, looking for signs of artillery or whatever else may be out there....but then he sees something strange. A floating set of eyes and mouth, not unlike a skull, but not Cybertronian, just pure energy, with a tail of energy following it, it writhes and twists to the west....and behind it, he can see a wall of light erupt as it had done before, and start moving this way. This entire area was soon to be destroyed if it wasn't evacuated!

The Hellbear roars and draws aggro. Chakri collapses nearby, and her large form draws the ire of the others as he lays there, impaled and bleeding. Medical service is unheard of in this life, but the cheetah-like mech struggles to get to his feet. Flames ripple off of her back as others throw themselves at her with sharp knives, gouging at the spiny armor, rocks and spears being thrown, adding to the spiny look.

<OOC> Tomorrow says, "ROUND TWO: Options: Put out the Fires 6/20 pts. Find the wounded 8/25 Fight the Raiders 22/50"

Hush backwings as systems pick up.. is that.. yes. movement inside the shelter! The vibrous owl flexes talons, extending wickedly curved vibro-edged curves to dig and snatch at the metal sheathing on the shelter, bark-calling, "Out, out making a hole! Be ready to run!"

Pest_Bt limps lightly after his spectular cra..attack. The screams of those needing help are what he's focused on now. Before he might have been able to take down the fires but that form isn't this one. But at least he can try and divert the attacker'sattention. He uses the cover of damaged huts to help keep out of view, waiting for the right time to leap out and attack."

GAME: Pest_Bt PASSES an AGILITY roll of High difficulty.

Swoop-BT doesn't seem to be having much luck using his jaws, so decides to try a different tactic. He croches and springs into the air, claws out, ready to put all his might into eviscerating one of the attackers. GAME: Swoop-BT FAILS a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

GAME: Swoop-BT PASSES a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

At the top of one flight arc, putting fires out, Fluffy notices how the enemy seems to be moving in some sort of coordinated fashion. Something in the back of his mind stirs, some memory of pooring over battle tactics and long nights spent listening to someone drone on and on about military strategy ...something nice, actually, somehow. ANYWAY.... he looks around and realizes that's ...kind of what he sees now. The way the pawns are moving on the stage....the skull energy ball, yikes.... "Trap..." The owl rasps. Flying up, looking towards the others fighting whoeever this enemy is, "Trap! It's a ...trap!" He calls down below to the villagers. Thank you, Admiral Akbar.

As the skull...thingy belches out a fireball, the owl tries to think what he can do. Bow. He has a bow, right? He got a bow. How can he use it? The owl takes it out, struggling with his talons to shoot it, but... no. No, that's not it. He needs to... transform. Yes, right, TRANSFORM! HE CAN DO THAT! Fluffy transforms and NOW, now the bow fits easily into his... hands?! Oh right, and he can pull the string back and.... he fires right into the fireball, and if that doesn't do anything, hopefully it will keep going right back to that ugly skull!

GAME: Fluffy-BT PASSES a FIREPOWER roll of High difficulty.

Hellbear_BT charges down another set of raiders before her rampaging brings her over to the Cheetah-type struggling to stand, again coming to her hind legs and her full height, more then a few spers stuck in her hide and body.. and slaps at her chest as her flames flare high and wide, the same roar never stopping, only rising and deepening in intensity as she takes as many hits as she can as makes herself as big and deadly a target with her flames basically making her one huge target framed in red fire.

GAME: Hellbear_BT PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of High difficulty.


Hush's sharp talons make short work of the metal. About her are the wounded and the dying, but as she carves through the metal, a pangolin's armored hide is visible, the figure cowers inside, badly burned, and moves to flee! There's still more activity Hush can hear in the area, a grunt of panic from a tent, the wounded hunter near this massive bear on fire, and the overturned tribal stew pot.

The Pest stalks the battlefield, playing the role of opportunist. While the Owl brigade looks for survivors, he slips into the shadows. Two raiders, who are a bit away from the assault of Swoop and the Hellbear come to rush up, knives up, to deliver a killing blow to Chakri, the one who taught you how to hunt!

The Tyrantosaur finds that the leaping attack works well, a bit more used to death from above apparently. A large shellbacked raider gets buffetted to the ground, and large claws rip into him before the trashing breaks his neck, and the lights go out. Fire explodes onto Swoop's back as crude pots of pitch are thrown at him, and set ablaze, echoing Hellbear's own motif.

Fluffy draws his bow, and nocks one of his own feathers, loosing the arrow. His aim is true, the attack goes straight on through the figure, wasn't there. It doesn't even seem to notice, as it moves around....that's weird.

Hellbear keeps that aggro, even as energon runs down her frame after being stuck repeatedly. Ammo is spent upon her, and it is simply not enough, but they have such numbers still. Clubs and crude axes are brandished, as war cries come up from another group, cresting the hill, as more move to assault her.

The waves seem endless, there's just SO MANY to this attack, but as Fluffy pointed out, there's another trouble coming. That wall of energy is advancing. It hits the high mountains, and sears away the tree life and grass in the area. Figures panic off in that distance and disappear as it gets close...

On Pest - maybe even if Pest doesn't even know he's on right now because things are ... hectic, is a small emitter, a circular black disc. It was something Pest_BT found amongst some ruins. Pest swiped it and took it for later reference.

Hush's talons rend and shred through that metal sheeting, the Vibrous Owl still calling out as she makes swift work of that. She lands, hop-hopping a few meters before transforming, unfolding in a flash, darting towards the tent where her still present ear tufts can pick up sounds.

"Help who you can, get out, get away!" She didn't experience the wall of light, attention hyper-focused only on getting those trapped in the area out and able to flee the flames. A shift of wrists and bvlades extend, curved, bladed. OPtics glint gold as she slashes at the tent, "Got to move or you're all dead!"

GAME: Hush FAILS a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

GAME: Hush PASSES a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

Swoop-BT has drawn blood, and that along with the burning pitch on his back sets him into a berserker rage with a howl of pain. He leaps again into the throng of raiders, his claws thirsting for more death.

GAME: Swoop-BT PASSES a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

<OOC> Tomorrow says, "ROUND TWO: Options: Put out the Fires 6/20 pts. Find the wounded 20/25 Fight the Raiders 42/50"

Fluffy-BT frowns as he sees his arrow do.... nothing. That skull is an odd one. A hologram? A spirit? What it? What is that wall of light? Questions that don't have answers for him right now, as he realizes he needs to get away soon. But he spots Hush and- since she's a fellow owl- something clannish within him has him flying closer to her. Help whooooo he can? The owl blinks... or wait, the robot. Whatever he is.

He is confused momentarily, then blinks and looks around. He supposes he can give it a shot. The more people that survive the better his own odds are, anyway. Right? He transforms to owl mode again and lifts up, up and away.... and makes a quick search, trying to find any remaining survivors. His height might help him to spot someone that someone on the ground wouldn't be able to see. "Time to go...." He calls down.

GAME: Fluffy-BT PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Hellbear_BT is big, she is on fire and she is now very very pissed off. With a surprising gentle push, she knocks the Cheetah with one of her paws then drops back down onto all four and spins around as she stans over him and fire flares out all over her, sweeping all over the crowd of Raiders around her... before she suddenly leans down and picks Chakri up in her jaws and runs off whichever way the pack is already going.

GAME: Hellbear_BT PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Pest_Bt sees that Chakri is in trouble. Again he's forced to fight when he'd rather be trying to find and save the others, but if these guys aren't stopped there won't be a reason to save the huts and other mechs. He runs, trying to use courage and what speed is in his frame to do a tackle of the mechs, trying to knock one into the other. But hey taking out one would be great. GAME: Pest_Bt PASSES a COURAGE roll of High difficulty.


Hush slashes into the tent, to find a tall slender femme, there caught up in the leather equivalent. She's barely operable, and is so panicked that she's not thinking straight. Her want is to FLEE, and the tether caught about her leg refuses to come loose. Its a problem Hush can easily deal with. After freed, Hattrik altmdoes into her gazelle form and bounds through the tarp, taking half of it with her, bounding quickly, just....just out there as fast as she can go. Fight or Flight at work.

Swoop the Tyrantosaur doesn't need any lessons on ferocity from Grimlock. Those gnarled, powerful claws of his are enough to do the work. Between him and Hellbear, they've weathered a lot of damage and slain several dozen foes. As Swoop closes his grip, he crushes his claws about one, nearly severing it in half. Energon pools about the roaring, fiery dinosaur...

Fluffy takes wing and surveys the smoke and fire. Man that wall of energy is coming fast. And that face of energy just stares forward for a moment...and blinks out of existance before the wall hits it. He sees that big overturned pot. He had some sort of energon broth or grog out of it that wasn't bad. Its overturned though. He takes the educated guess and knocks it over with bird strength apparently, freeing the river-critter Pakhup who was beneath it. Panicked and wordless, she scrambles like a muskrat does towards the river and submerges into it.

The Pest, bowls over one of the two would be assassins, as Hellbear evacuates Chakri. All that is left to do now is RUN.

Hellbear grabs Chakri in her jaws, tasting his energon which...doesn't give the same vibe as prey would, as the raider tribe starts to rout finally. Figures start to gather together in the distance, Tomorrow is with them, six other figures from the tribe visible. Of course, Chakri is badly, badly, hurt and may very well pass unless someone knows how to save a life.

The High Hill goes up in flames....and that energy rushes forward, stopping a few miles out from the hill itself....and there it stays, burning all the flora and fauna left behind, blocking off another part of the world....

And so it goes, a land that may've just started becoming home to a bunch of wayward sparks, goes up in flame. Destroyed by some strange otherworldly power. Was it the figure that Fluffy had seen? Or was it a weapon that someone carried? The survivors stare off into the flames, at a life lost. Yet due to the courage of these new tribesmechs and femmes they had survived.

Smoke rises in the air...

A mech with a horned skull over his face descends stairs to a dark room, "They are scattered. This land is mine now...I...I will rule."

Red light descends on him from something up high.

"YOU ARROGANT WRETCH. YOU HAVE NOTHING UNTIL YOU DO WHAT I DEMAND. SEE TO IT....IMMEDIATELY" The horned figure slinks back, cowering, "of..of course great spirit!" He flees into the dark...

Hush leaps back as the gazelle comes bounding out of that tent then turns, looking around with wide optics. There's a step, another before she leaps upwards, transforming back into that owl form, winging after those that are fleeing as swiftly as she can, giving alwrm calls the entire way.

The High Hill is in flames. As fire streaks in from the sky, pounding the area relentlessly, tents are destroyed, the makeshift buildings have collapsed, and the fires rage out of control. This is bound to be the end of the Mammo tribe.

Pest_Bt goes fluffpouncing over toward Hellbear. "I think I have something that can help....." He transforms and pulls out the cylinder. "The talktoy can help I think...."

Fluffy-BT follows the muskrat, getting a sudden urge to strike at squirming prey before he shoves that down... no time to do anything but run. Or fly, in his case. He lifts off and flies towards safety, glancing back to try and remember all that he saw. Some things seem oddly familiar...ish. He'll seek another high perch somewhere once he's safe.

Hellbear_BT lowers her head and puts the cheetah down lightly before leaning back, her flames /mostly/ cut down to minimum. Then she licks her jaws as she looks down at herself.. and starts licking at her leaking wounds.

Tomorrow regards Chakri with concern, and paces, but makes no physical actions. She scans the area, "Shelter..." With literally no knowledge to save a life, that's what she can focus on, "Cannot stay here."

Pest_Bt hopefully gets his new toy to start working.

Hush circles the knot of beings, low enough to be swatted. The owl blinks optics, hurr-ing as she glides.

The emitter that Pest_Bt was carrying flickers, glitches and blips to live. An azure form of a 15-year-old with worker boots and a hard-hat (Ratchet's preference for what version to create) appears. "Greetings. How may I be of service?"

Hellbear_BT looks up at the sudden new appearance... and tries to take a bit at it.

Fluffy-BT lands nearby on a branch or other high spot, and peers owlishly at... the other owl. He glances over as the human appears, winces...ugh. He doesn't like those. He thinks. But the other owl.... He goes back to just studying the situation.

Spike flinches as the Hellbear's bite passes through him effortlessly. His form unchanged since he's just an array of light. He frowns at Hellbear_BT. "Heyah! Easy!"

Hellbear_BT frowns back.. and huffs and puffs and blows a brief cloud of fire at 'Spike'.. showing what she considers 'easy'.

The Mammo tribe all look pretty uneasy now. Where there was strength, now..well...anyone with leadership knowledge can see that they're probably going to disband and return to the ways of gathering and hunting. Right now its only the company they keep that is keeping the band together. Hush rasps her beak, continuing to circle and observe before, "There is a tribe, avians. Do you have... hmmm... hmm.. parley with them?"

In her drawling tone, Hattrik shakes off some water as she rejoins the others, "Mah dam, mah home, its all gone now. The energon spring, its gone too. We have no food.."

Pest_Bt grins at Spike not being eaten, yeah maybe he shouldn't let the shiny tube toy near Hellbear. "Can you help fix?" He points over toward the cheetah. "I don't know the nature of the medical emergency....but I don't know if I can help."

Tomorrow raises her head, noticing the other owl. "I've met them...but they cannot get up there." She turns to the north, "I have shelter. We cannot stay here." Her eyes and snout keep wary for signs of more trouble.

Fluffy-BT doesn't say much. He can't help the cheetah, nor does he know him that well. He continues watching Hush, mostly, but glances to Tomorrow and clicks his beak, ready to take shelter somewhere. ANYwhere.

Hellbear_BT transforms finally transforms, streching herself even as she leaks energon constantly from various wounds which still dont seem to be slowing her much, at least yet. She looks around and takes in the situation, how broken the tribe seems to be before she gives out a throaty roar again to get the attention of all those here she can.

She waits, her gaze scanning around to see if she got most of their attention before she finally speaks, her voice rather clear and not the growl she had before, "Is this what your tribe means to you? Just a home? Just a source of water? A disaster happens and your just going to run away? Abandon each other? Is pack.... TRIBE.. not family to you? Fight through good and bad? No.. it should mean yuo watch each other even when so poor... if you run now from each other.. NONE of you deserve a tribe nor pack nor family." She huffs again and looks around before she just stalks over to find a spot to change back to her bear form and goes to sleep.

Spike's holographic form studies the wounded with concern. But Spike's still not too sure where he is - still assuming he was part of the generation that brought forth Ratchet, Stormfront, and others. "Sure - just patch me into the medical network."

Pest_Bt says, "Medical network...ummm....I don't know if there is one here." He watches Hellbear and frowns before looking at the others. He looks back at Spike, "We really could use whatever help you could give.""

Hattrik just about bolts from Hellbear's growl, but no words are spoken as she teaches them all something that had yet to be introduced to the world. Carapox grunts and looks up to Hellbear, "You...sound like the great spirit." He rumbles, "I are no protoform, no sparkling for us to are all different."

Tomorrow's Cave

Inside the oblique cave is a small tight passageway that rises upward to a circular opening further along. In the area, there are several scrap pieces of items. Metal bent in odd directions, warped by damage, several sharp claws that could be used for weapons, and a pile of sundry items. There's also etchings on the wall, crude figures drawn there. It appears some figures are standing, and one is falling.

As everyone gathers inside of the cave, its barely big enough for the big group, but there's some items of interest in here. Tomorrow appears to be a collector. There's a large...metal...bent thing, not unlike a shield, thats banged up but still mostly forged in one piece. That's interesting. Several scrawl marks on the wall too.

As everyone gathers inside of the cave, its barely big enough for the big group, but there's some items of interest in here. Tomorrow appears to be a collector. There's a large...metal...bent thing, not unlike a shield, thats banged up but still mostly forged in one piece. That's interesting. Several scrawl marks on the wall too.

Spike peers with concern at the injured. He has no access to the "network" that created him countless Vorns ago. But...his 'core' memory processors still have tons of data about history, geography, and medical procedures, not to mention a few rudimentary scanners are present within the 'interface.' He rubs his chin and thinks aloud "OK...uh..." He frowns and looks up, doing a scan of the area. He looks at the assembled. ""

Fluffy-BT squints at Hellbear, feathers ruffling as he scowls. Tribe? This isn't his tribe.... the owl looks around, still sensing the ...absence of something. Someone. Some ONES. He still can't quite remember, but... he knows that much. The owl shifts on his talons. Hush... she's an owl, and thus he feels more inclined to be near her than anyone, but she's not his tribe, either. He wishes he could remember. He looks over at Hush again, then Spike, but remains silent. If they want to try saving the cheetah, fine. But why is there a human here? He fluffs his feathers menacingly at the image.

Hellbear_BT doesn't mange to stay asleep for long, eventually waking up to start licking at her wounds again.. at least till she see's that shield-thing. She wiggles around and gets back to her feet before she walks over towards it and nuzzles at it.. before giving it a lick as well.

Spike extends his hand and from his fingertips comes a 3-D map of the area, with a few holographic images of tools highlighted. " need something to weld...something to sodder...something to fuse... here... " He shows the map of a nearby area. "Can you guys...retrieve these tools that are around?"

Tomorrow surveys the group, and steps to the exit. "I'll go hunt. You need to eat." She turns her head to the group, "I hope you'll be safe here." Before she goes, her eyes catch Hellbear's, and those blue eyes with the extra ring around them just study Hellbear for a moment...and she looks away first before trotting out.

Hellbear_BT looks right at Tomorrow.. and before she goes the bear leans in and nibbles on the shield.

Tomorrow snaps back around, and barks in a demanding tone, "Don't you dare eat that!"

Hellbear_BT simply pauses, a innocent look on her face now.. with the edge of the shield between her lips.

<OOC> Tomorrow says, "hellbear, Fluffy, Hush, that shield reminds you of something, got one of those creases down the middle of it, angled weird to be a shield."

Fluffy-BT turns his head, studying the shield, wondering why it looks familiar.

Spike looks at Tomorrow and holds out his hand. "Wait! Just a second!"

Hush trill calls softly from the small space she's wedged herself into. "Happy to assist in hunting, whomever you are." Attention tracks the group of unknowns, ear tufts flattening, 'feathers ruffling in a rising crest. A hop, another.. and she stares at the shield.. "hnnnnn..." A shake of her head and she hops closer to the exit, feathers ruffled, talins tick-ticking in discomfort with the group of strangers.

Tomorrow bares her teeth and moves forward to Hellbear, "I said drop it!" Her ears lay back flat, her eyes open wide. It seems Hellbear found her berserk button. Spike calls out to try to get some peace and order here, but Tomorrow's on the verge of round two, it seems.

Spike looks at Tomorrow and Hush and he opens his other hand. From his hand a 3-D holographic image of a very different-looking Autobot appears. It's the image of Bumblebee. "If you're out... if you see this Autobot... his name is Bumble-Bee. It's VERY important that I find him. He...he knows a lot. He could tell us where to find our friends, where we can find adequate resources to get medical attention." Spike , has no idea of any of the stuff that has happened leading up to the AU-verse and the Beast-Tribes verse :)

Pest_Bt looks at Spike, "Not sure if you can at least tell us what to do." He looks at Hush and then back at the others. He growls softly, "Would you guys at least pretend to not want to kill each other for a few moments. We're trying to figure how to help this guy here but I don't know how to help mytoy fix him."

Chakri twitches, as the radiation in the area starts to seize him up, as he's still in robot mode. Those javelins need out of him immediately so he can mode change at least...

Hellbear_BT realses it from her mouth and gives it a lllooonnngggg lick, never breaking her optics from Tomorrow. Finally she draws just a bit to turn to face Tomorrow fully and decides it's time to set a proper example as she steps steadily towards Tomorrow and stares her down from close range, though he ensures she does NOT pass close to the wounded. <<There can only be one, child. Back. Down.>> One what? It would be obvious to most pack-types what she means.

Spike frowns slightly at Pest_Bt. "No...I'm not...a toy. I'm a virtual assistant. I exist to communicate, store information, interface with other systems and be a friend."

Fluffy-BT huffs, somehow, as the other owl continues to ignore him. FINE. You're not his tribe anyway, Hush. He fluffs up again and stalks forward towards the shield, though the appearance of Bumblebee has the owl fluff up to maximum huff and *screech* at the image.

Now back to the shield. He scoots away from the Autobot and peers more closely at it, while still trying to stay out of reach of Hellbear, of course. "Masssk?"

GAME: Spike FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Spike looks at Fluffy_BT and his eyes widen with hope. "You know him?! Where did you see him? WHEN did you see him? WHERE did you see him!?"

Spike continues to broadcast/hold up the map of the tunnels and caves nearby where maybe hidden tools can be found to fix the injured.

Tomorrow wins the challenge.

Hush hrmphs, looking at the crowd, looking at the door, then takes to wing, heading out.

Pest_Bt stares at the poor mech and back at the pair. He reaches to try and grab the javelins. "Will you both put yer hackles down and help me removes these?! I'm not as strong or tall as you guys....but he's hurting and we need ta get these out!"

GAME: Spike FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Fluffy-BT fluffs out some more at Spike, voice raspy. "....Not... recently. Enemy!" He hisses with that barn owlish screech again, head bobbing in a defensive threat, wings spread out. "Enemy." He can't remember much, but he remembers that.

Tomorrow just keeps her eyes locked on the Hellbear. Not one paw goes back, not one inch. Pest's call to concern does cause her to stop snarling at least. Her eyes remain on Hellbear...and she takes a few steps towards Pest. It looks a little silly her trying to maintain eye contact and not show her back to Hellbear...

Spike shakes his head at Fluffy-BT, adamantly. " FRIEND. He's our friend! He's..." He sighs. "He's my best friend." GAME: Spike PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Above Average difficulty.

Hellbear_BT looks at Tommorow before she smerks just a bit and sits back on her haunches, clearly not giving a <beep>, but not pushing the issue.. Not now, not yet. She finally lifts a paw up and starts grooming her spikey-like metal fur.

Spike look at Pest_Bt and points at one of the javelins. "Wait...don't...pull THAT one out. I think if you'll cause MORE bleeding... and we don't have the tools to stop it yet..." He looks at the injured one with concern. "I seems weird, and I bet it's painful, but that one javelin's going to have to stay in, because it's actually keeping more of your energon in."

Fluffy-BT gives Spike a look. You know, THAT kind of look, as he edges away, heavy half-lidded eyes squinting at the human. "Haven't... seen." Don't want to.

Tomorrow tries to be as dismissive and aloof as Hellbear, but fails, as she raises her nose a bit, and turns towards the primitive medical scene. Her beastmode folds away, and the hunching figure of Tomorrow kneels down with Pest and

GAME: Spike PASSES a COURAGE roll of High difficulty.

Pest_Bt says, "He's hurting though...can we force him to change form with that one still in him if we get the other one out? This world hurts us if we are not in the other form. Or is there some way we can stop the bleeding?"

Spike narrows his eyes and imagines the being transforming. "Yes...we COULD..." The image of Bumblebee disappears and his finger points to the javelin - sort of like a laser pointer. "There...if you can break it off at THAT point... the rest could still be inside them, and keep the blood from bleeding out further...but then they could still transform."

Chakri seizes up with radiation, his body writhing as energy courses up his stasis form.

Spike looks back at Flufffy-BT. He's a holo-form, but he appears to have some human emotions, maybe concern. "Haven't't seen in a log time, or haven't seen ever?" He gives Fluffy-BT a pleading look. "'s VERY important that I get back to him. I've been separated from him since..." He frowns. "Well...since I can't remember, since I haven't interfaced with a system since I was offlined and this one...discovered me." He looks back at Pest_BT.

Hellbear_BT gets up slowly after she cleans her paws over and pads over rather quietly to stand over the group as she looks down upon the wounded cheetah.

Pest_Bt looks up at Hellbear. "Can you break this javelin? While she removes the other one? He needs to transform now. Then she can hunt while you rest and protect us. Would that be good?" He frowns and looks at Spike and then shakes his head as if to clear it and looks back at Chakri.

Fluffy-BT eyes the human with suspicion. He seems to have a natural distrust of organics, somehow, despite now resembling one. The owl fluffs again and then finally just shakes his head. "Don't... remember well." He peers at the image, then shakes his head again. "...Looks familiar. But... haven't seen in long time." Blink. "...I think?"

The owl bot scoots closer to some carvings on the wall and starts studying them. Five or six figures, one falling, groups ...combining? He isn't sure. But it's... familiar? He glances over as the cheetah convulses, but it's probably better to just remain out of the way. He's no healer.

GAME: Spike PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

Spike nods to Pest-BT. He then cranes his head to look at Chakri. "It's going to be OK. We're going to get you fixed up...okay?"

Hellbear_BT reaches a large paw and wraps it around the indicated spear but looks towards towards the other for when to break it.

Spike looks at Fluffy-BT and frowns slightly, perhaps not exactly endearing himself to Fluffy as he says in a more assertive tone. "Yes...I know. But can you give me a QUANTIFIABLE time since you last saw him? 56 vorns? 12 solar cycles?"

Spike looks at Hellbear_BT and gestures a few centimeters lower and then nods when Hellbear's paw reaches the area where Hellbear should break the spear off.

Something so familiar, somehow... but the owl cannot remember exactly why. But it makes him a little... sad, somehow. Then Spike keeps bugging him, and Fluffy turns with a sharp click of his beak. His feathers ruffle again and he bob-bobs his head in agitation. "Don't... remember!" Click, snap. He looks around at the others, finally engaging with them some. "WHOOO does? WHOOOO remembers WHOOOO they were, and why? Why.... THIS?" He flails his wings all around, flustered.

Hush drops something off at the entrance, unseen, and remains outside, off again.

Hellbear_BT turns her hed just a bit to stare at Fluffy, << If the winged one doesn't shush... Can I eat him? >>

Spike flinches defensively at Fluffy. "OK! Fine! Jeez... I just... it SEEMED like an easy request or query."

Pest_Bt pats the cheetah, "Hey hey...stay with us...we're gonna get ya to transform. You got to focus! Come on!"

Tomorrow writhes, still leaking energon, and with a spasm, his body folds up and back, several of the javelin pieces left inside of him, now sealed up in him....and stasis takes him for now.

Fluffy-BT HUFFFS...I mean hoots, raspy screech and all, wings spread. He looks miserable, glancing around at everyone but no one has any answers. And Hellbear seems threatening. And Spike upset. Is it just him who can't remember now? Is it just him losing his mind? Another rasp, and he hops up towards a perch so he can just scowl down at everyone. He still just wishes... he knew what was going on. And why he's ...lonely. And WHOOO...I mean, who, he really is.

Hush continues her odd and silent relay, flying outwards, striking, bringing things back. The fire, you see, has stirred game up. And the cadre needs food and fuel, not posturing and empty words.

Hellbear_BT focuses more and more on the hooting meal, though her paw does not leave the indicated spot on the spear as she waits.

Tomorrow eventually leaves the cave again too, to get to the hunt. Eating was the best way to recover from combat...

Spike frowns slightly at Fluffy-BT, maybe just because he definitely feels like he could be a snack for Fluffy-BT if he were actually flesh and blood. But since he's just an array of light beams assembled to look like a human, he frowns at Fluffy-BT.

Spike says, "Grousing isn't going to get you anywhere. If you want to get the injured repaired, if you want to find out WHO you are, then we're going to have to work together!""

Outside, a cybergrouse raises its head in regards to Spike's comment. It then probably gets snatched up by Hush's vibrotalons probably.