Faction: G.I.Joe
Species: Human
Function: AIDE DE CAMP
Rank: 3 - E-6/Staff Sergeant/Clerical Tank Killer

Motto: "Please sign here.. and here.. and here."

Note: Bianca isn't a well-known, flashy, high profile member of this operations team. She is simply the Aide to whoever is in command. Paperwork, filing, messages and organizational skills are all used to make certain that office life isn't tedious. But to be a part of GI JOE formally, she does present other skills such as stunt driving and tank operations. She is a mean hand with an axe, be it battle style to a pickaxe, either works. A trained bodyguard and driver, she's not just an administrative assistant; she's the last line of defense between the enemy and her charge.

Battleaxe was created and is played by Ghost.

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