Battleforce 2000 were a hi-tech unit of the Joes using experimental weaponry under battlefield conditions.

Characters and Vehicles

  • Avalanche - Cold weather specialist who drove the vehicle, Dominator, a tank that was specially designed for use in freezing weather conditions. KIA.
  • Sgt. Blaster - Ground effect vehicle operator who loved to design hovercrafts. He operated the Vindicator, an advanced hovercraft. Fan of loud rock and roll music. KIA.
  • Blocker - Driver of the Eliminator, a jeep-like assault vehicle. KIA.
  • Dodger - Maintenance expert and operator of the hi-tech battle cycle, Marauder. Known to cook for the team. Now a Sonic Fighter.
  • Knockdown - Electronic detection systems expert. Operator of the mobile anti-aircraft platform, Sky-Sweeper. KIA.
  • Maverick - Fighter pilot of the VTOL jet fighter Vector. The VTOL was once stolen by Cobra forces but retrieved with civilian help. KIA.
  • Dee-Jay - Communications expert. He was the only member without an assigned vehicle, and was a late addition to the team. KIA.
  • Pulverizer - A mobile laser cannon platform. It is the only vehicle with no primary designated operator, though it is implied Dee-Jay; the only Battle Force 2000 member without a vehicle, was the operator. KIA.


Battle Force 2000 first appeared in 1988 as a testing and research unit assigned in the country of Frusenland. The team would continue to operate together and separately.

Maverick got some time away from the team soon after. He was teamed with Wild-Bill and Crazylegs during a mission in Rio Vista, the capital of war-torn Sierra Gordo. Several Dreadnoks appeared. Monkeywrench, Zarana and Thrasher took civilians hostage in order to ensure the help of Maverick and the other Joes in escaping. In the end, though, the two groups teamed up, rescuing each other and helping the civilians reach safety.

Maverick also appeared in one of G.I. Joe's Special Missions. After playing ping pong with Wild Bill, they and the other Joe pilots scramble for a recon mission over Cobra Island. The pilots engaged several Cobra aircraft in a dogfight and won handily.

Later, Battleforce 2000 is a major part of the invading force assisting Serpentor during the Cobra Civil War.

In 1991, Most members of Battleforce 2000 were killed during a major battle in the war of liberating Benzheen, which was occupied by Cobra. The country's emir was concerned about his oil stocks, so he negotiated with Cobra Commander not to shell artillery on Battleforce 2000, who were reinforcing Joes trapped in another battle. Cobra Commander immediately reneged on the agreement and ordered shelling on Battleforce 2000.

Dee-Jay died first; Dodger is the only surviving member. After the war, Dodger was assigned to another Joe team, the Sonic Fighters.

The rest of the team was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, along with other Joe members who died in Benzheen and all other Joes who have perished over the years.


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