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This article is about the Decepticon Enforcer - for the G.I. Joe Bunker Buster, see Sergeant Barricade.


BARRICADE is devoted to justice. Unfortunately for everyone else, his idea of justice is "guilty until proven innocent." A former Autobot officer, his track record of excessive force, brutality and pre-emptive strikes against potential criminals repeatedly clashed with his partners and superiors. Megatron saw great potential in Barricade and played on his frustrations, convincing Barricade to betray his allies and join the Decepticons. Devoted and loyal to Megatron to a fault, Barricade quickly put his skills to use in sifting out traitors and enforcing Megatron's orders. As commander of the Cobalt Sentries, he is an absolute terror to his targets - he believes respect for authority is based on fear of disobedience. A ruthless, cruel and relentless tracker, Barricade prefers to wear his opponents down physically and mentally before making a collar. Alongside his partners Garboil and Howlback, he excels at interrogation and extracting confessions. Despite his menacing persona, Barricade is highly protective of those under his direct command, and will often mentor and train new recruits to the Decepticon cause.

Barricade is heavily armored and has great physical strength in robot mode; he uses clawed fingers to rip open opponents. As a McLaren MP4-12C police car, he uses his reinforced structure to crash through roadblocks or ram into opponents. He is armed with a missile launcher usable in either mode.

Barricade's preference for physical assault can sometimes leave him vulnerable to long-ranged attacks, and unlike other Decepticons, he cannot fly as a robot.

You have the right to scream for mercy.



Pre-MUX History

Barricade on Cybertron

Barricade is from Iacon, and once served with the Autobots under Prowl.

MUX History

Cruel? Justice is always cruel.

In 2016 Barricade was promoted by Megatron and put in charge of the Cobalt Sentries. Megatron ordered Barricade to interview various Decepticons for evidence of corruption or treason.




Barricade is played by YaBoyGuzma.


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