Transformers Universe MUX
This page is for the Decepticon Insecticon. For the G.I. Joe character, see Major Barrage.

"Every moment, make yourself a vehicle for change."

Winning is not what’s most important to BARRAGE – it’s making the effort and being part of the team. Barrage will fight until he’s expended his last drop of energon if it means one innocent life will be saved. He’s merciful when he can afford to be, but ruthless when fighting injustice and tyranny. He believes in the Decepticon cause and feels his efforts help stir hope among those held down by Emperor Prime’s oppression. Barrage is appreciated by fellow Decepticons for both his positive attitude and his endless efforts to win the war.

In insect mode, Barrage can shoot non-stop explosive charges from gun mounts located on several points along his frame, as well as high energy photons from his head-mounted antenna. He carries a good deal of ammunition with him everywhere he goes, and can maintain full-auto weapons-fire for quite some time. In this mode he flies up to 15 mph, with a 400 mile range. He has a powerful sonic rifle in robot mode, along with a golden sword he wields with deadly accuracy in combat.

Barrage is unquestioning courageous and devoted to the protection if his allies. His civil nature and steadiness of purpose had led him to be very well-liked by most of his fellow Decepticons. From conversations about anything from weapon systems to humorous tales of his exploits, his friendly, gregarious nature gives him ample opportunity to develop lasting friendships. His “no one left behind” mentality has led him to brave heavy fire to save fellow Decepticons, Insecticons or no, which his friends have not forgotten. Although his firepower is considerable, he is relatively weak and not very fast. However, should he ever be pinned down and in dire trouble, he can always count on his comrades to come through for him.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Barrage is a founding member of the Mayhem Suppression Squad, and a favorite of its former leader, Bug Bite.

MUX History:

Barrage continues to defend Cybertron from Autobot oppression and Junkion assault as a member of the Mayhem Suppression Squad.

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